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Shell and FAW strategic cooperation to create a new standard of efficient logistics – Beijing Beijing Beijing 9 13 Xinhua (reporter Yan Xiaohong) shell and FAW 13 officially announced strategic cooperation, the two sides will jointly in technology, products, marketing, logistics, together to create a new standard. The industry said, it provides a new idea for the technical innovation and marketing for both China heavy truck and lubricating oil industry, is of great significance to the future development of the whole industry. At the same time, Shell and FAW also announced the launch of "10000 free" program, aimed at strengthening the service and customer service network construction, to provide system solutions for Chinese users, improve their market competitiveness and achieve a win-win situation. Belonging to the FAW liberation has been leading the Chinese heavy truck market development trend for 60 years, China is the only one to achieve a core component of the engine, gearbox, axle and all other independent R & D and production. Shell has won the first global sales for 9 consecutive years, and continues to maintain its position as the largest international lubricant producer and supplier in china. According to reports, at the beginning of last year, the two sides have jointly launched the long oil vehicle project, China in the country for the first time the 100 thousand km long oil technology, and the technology advantage into market. The powerful combination of both sides played a strong role in their respective fields, but also realized the complementary advantages of resources. Industry experts believe that the Shell and FAW depth cooperation can not only optimize the market structure, reduce the maintenance cost of logistics industry to achieve environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction; and also helps to improve the lubricating oil and Chinese heavy truck maintenance industry technology and service level, lead the industry to a new height. (end)

壳牌和一汽解放战略合作 打造高效物流新标准-中新网   中新网北京9月13日电 (记者 闫晓虹) 壳牌和一汽解放13日正式宣布战略合作,双方将在技术、产品、市场营销等方面联手,共同打造高效物流新标准。业内称,此举为中国重卡和润滑油行业提供了技术创新与市场营销并举的新思路,对整个行业的未来发展具有重大意义。   同时,壳牌和一汽解放还宣布启动“万里无忧”计划,旨在加强服务和售后网络建设,为中国用户提供系统解决方案,提高双方的市场竞争力,实现共赢。   隶属于一汽集团的一汽解放迄今已引领中国重卡市场潮流发展60年,是中国唯一一家实现了发动机、变速箱、车桥等核心部件全部自主研发生产的。壳牌则连续9年蝉联全球销量第一,并持续保持中国最大国际润滑油生产商和供应商的地位。   据介绍,在去年合作初期,双方已联合启动整车长换油项目,在中国国内首次实现10万公里长换油技术,并将技术优势转化为市场优势。此次强强联手更发挥了双方在各自领域的长处,同时也实现了资源优势互补。   业内专家认为,此次壳牌与一汽解放的深度合作不仅可以优化调整市场结构,降低物流行业维护成本,实现环保节能减排;而且,还有助于提升中国重卡和润滑油养护行业的技术和服务水平,带领整个行业迈向新高度。(完)相关的主题文章: