Shanghai oriental pearl culture of state-owned equity incentive is led

Shanghai oriental pearl culture of state-owned equity incentive led devaluation hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my goods, editor Qiu Jiang, reporter Nie in Shanghai oriental pearl culture in the reform of state-owned assets and cross the one step ahead. Yesterday, the Oriental Pearl President Zhang Wei Zhengbao in an interview with reporters said: "the equity incentive plan will play a positive role for the Oriental Pearl attract and retain talent, so that we can in a more effective way of competition in the market. The company is to set aside special to attract talent to the future of the Oriental Pearl will also in the mechanism, the system to do a series of changes." According to the draft, the Oriental Pearl intends to grant restricted stock incentive target to not more than 18 million 122 thousand and 800 shares (representing 0.69% of total share capital). The total number of incentives for the first batch of 574 people, accounting for about 9.3% of the total number of employees. Incentive objects include company executives, core management, core business backbone and core technology backbone. The first grant of restricted stock grant price of 12.79 yuan. Incentive plan is valid for 7 years from the date of the approval of the General Assembly approved the plan, the restricted stock lock up for a period of 3 years, the proportion of the release of 33%, 33%, 34%. It is worth noting that, in the total number of shares granted to set aside special shares reserved for 10% of the total number of used to attract and motivate talented people. Expected incentive target of 43 people, mainly for the planned new core management personnel, core technology backbone, the reserved shares on the date of the grant will be within 1 years after the grant. The Oriental Pearl award incentive stock conditions unique, double the index from the two aspects of economic and social benefits. Among them, the economic benefit index 2015 annual operating income of not less than 21 billion yuan, and the revenue growth rate of not less than three years before the average level and the enterprises in the same industry average; 2015 annual earnings per share owned by the parent non deduction of not less than 0.42 yuan, and not less than the average level in the same industry enterprises. In the equity incentive plan for the social benefit is the first. For nearly 2 years the company has not affected the political error, major technical errors and serious leaks in the accident; the audience reaction index, the year 2015 the company of intelligent terminal of not less than 25 million; the social impact indicators, to ensure access to 2015 annual cultural enterprises all over the country’s top 30 title. The "Pearl of the social responsibility or not to say." Zhang Wei said, "as the first culture of state-owned listed companies launch equity incentive, the Oriental Pearl has been the Central Propaganda Department and the State Administration of radio, as well as the strong support of the Shanghai municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Shanghai sasac. Equity incentive plan will play better as the Pearl of the Orient capital platform, platform for industry, has a positive effect on good state media competitiveness, enhance the right to speak. Meanwhile, the depth of integration of SMG, the overall transformation, will also play a positive role in promoting." Industry experts相关的主题文章: