Shanghai license plate auction approaching 90 thousand yuan mark highs – Sohu news yuanjiao

Shanghai license plate auction approaching 90 thousand yuan mark highs – Sohu news agency, Shanghai, November (Xinhua)   (Ma Huayu) Shanghai license plate auction price once again refresh the highest record. 19, 2009, in the just concluded November license plate auction, the average price of Shanghai brand reached $88665, creating a new high this year. On the day of the auction, a total of 215424 people participated in the auction, an increase of more than 2212 people last month. According to the Shanghai Guopai network data show that this month on the Shanghai card in the amount of 11549, 72 lower than last month. However, compared to last year, the amount of each month, is still relatively large. According to official sources, this year plans to put the Shanghai licensing quota 130 thousand, an average of more than 10 thousand monthly license plate release. Nevertheless, in the face of more than 200 thousand of the "pat army", put the amount of the license plate still appears to be an utterly inadequate measure. This month, the winning rate of only 5.4%, equivalent to the 1000 participants, only 54 people can get the license plate. In the present China license management system in Beijing is the implementation of the "lottery", in order to ensure the "equality", and more inclined to the Shanghai market through the "leverage", using the auction choice car needs more intense crowd. However, since 2013, Shanghai license plate auction price has been high. Subsequently, the official implementation of the Shanghai warning price (the first stage of the bid shall not be higher than the warning price) system, the maximum price of the monthly license auction price. With the further tightening of restrictions on the licensing of vehicles in the field of foreign policy in Shanghai, Shanghai brand demand continued hot, warning price also reached 86800 yuan in the first quarter of this year, fourth yuan.相关的主题文章: