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Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, part of people buy Jibao divorce registry xieke door – Sohu with a variety of financial regulation rumors have been enlarged, Shanghai divorce house also entered the white hot race against time volume sprint. However, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee yesterday responded that the policy has not been studied. The spread of the Internet "mortgage new deal" a week ago, a September Shanghai will adjust the bank loan policy news exploded, mainly including the following four: 1 name no room no record of loan buyers, the minimum down payment of 30%. 2 but there is no room under the name of mortgage loans in history, the minimum down payment of 50%, the lowest interest rate 1.1 times. There is a suite of 3 (under the name of the household registration again buyers concerned), down 7, the interest rate up to 1.1 times (no change in policy). 4 divorce less than one year of purchase, the purchase and loan policy in accordance with the family before the divorce. It is noteworthy that, a few days ago, with the new round of regulatory rumors continue to be enlarged, not only the emergence of a large concentration of Shanghai to buy a house, buy a house is also constantly emerging. According to the current policy, the Shanghai residence of a single person can buy a set of residential, non single people can buy two houses, but second sets with two suites policy (two suites of ordinary residential Shoufu 5, non ordinary residential Shoufu 7). In general, some speculators by first divorce under the name of real estate only to one party, the other party is in a single room ID to buy real estate, enjoy the first suite of 30% Shoufu policy. Assault divorce just to buy a house in accordance with rumors, since September, less than a year of divorce property buyers, purchase and loan policy in accordance with the pre divorce family situation. Affected by this rumor, Civil Affairs Bureau in Shanghai around a wave of divorce climax. It is reported that the handling capacity of the region can achieve the morning afternoon divorce to buy a house, the weak processing ability are likely to limit the number of divorce every day, Monday or Friday to be completed. August 29th, some netizens said, Shanghai, Xuhui District Civil Affairs Bureau divorce window, early in the morning there are a number of people queuing up to divorce. Subsequently, the Xuhui District marriage registration center and other places have posted a notice that the divorce registration number has exceeded the business reception ability, can only take temporary measures, "closed" requirements for the divorce registration office party another day. It is reported that, following the August 28th Shanghai 1267 sets of new houses sold, as of 15:50 in August 29th, Shanghai new house turnover of more than 1066 sets, more than 1000 consecutive days of 3 sets. In the past 5 days, Shanghai housing turnover exceeded 5000 units, equivalent to 2 times daily, the registration system of the trading center more downtime in 26 days. Shanghai official rumor 29, according to Shanghai’s official micro signal Shanghai release published news, (Shanghai) Municipal Construction Committee said that the recent real estate market in the city volume has increased, but the normal trading order. Meanwhile, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee responded to the market on the purchase of new credit rumors, said the study has not been such a policy. Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee, said the recent social credit on the purchase of the new deal, the city.相关的主题文章: