Shandong, a film company was 1 billion 600 million yuan acquisition of a number of Star Assault shar-sayu-02

Shandong, a film company is 1 billion 600 million yuan to buy a number of stars with assault shares of Oriental Network (002175.SZ) announcement of a paper, at first by Jingbo established Shandong Jiabo Cultural Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shandong Jiabo fire"). For the registered capital of only 100 million yuan of the company, Oriental Network’s purchase price is 1 billion 629 million yuan, it is worth noting that Xu Qing, Chen Jianbin, Jiang Qinqin, Wang Xuebing 4 star had assault shares in May this year, once the acquisition is completed, they will be 6 million 800 thousand yuan investment, receive 64 million 764 thousand yuan reward. Reporter Zhang Guanchao Shandong Jiabo has filmed popular films but in recent years the profit and keep promise a large gap in November 5th, the 6 month suspension of Oriental network finally disclosed the acquisition of the subject, will issue shares and pay a combination of cash, the acquisition of Shandong, Hua Hua Yuan, Jiabo pure culture media and other 3 companies, the acquisition price is high up to 3 billion 536 million yuan. Public information display, Yamato Yoshihiro was founded in May 2013, headquartered in Ji’nan, the registered capital of 100 million yuan, mainly engaged in film production, development, investment, there are currently 15 holding companies, and has invested a "spoon", "old boy’s way of the dragon", "2" youth film. According to the acquisition of the report disclosed that as of June 30th this year, Yamato Yoshihiro of the interests of the owner of the carrying value of 146 million yuan, and the Oriental Network given its assessed value as high as 1 billion 684 million yuan, the purchase price of 1 billion 629 million yuan, the acquisition value was 1053.94%. In addition, the results show that the total assets of the book in Shandong 327 million yuan, of which $310 million for current assets, non current assets of only $16 million 372 thousand and 200. The reason for the high valuation, assessment United Assets Appraisal group also explained that this is mainly due to the prediction of Shandong Jiabo steady earnings growth, the specific reason is rich in creative team management and efficient operation mechanism, the rapid development of the film industry, as well as sufficient reserves of IP. Shandong Jiabo report in the acquisition of commitment, 2016-2018, company of non deduction net profit will not be less than 120 million, 150 million yuan, 195 million yuan. But it is worth noting that, from Shandong Jiabo has disclosed the results of view, the company in 2014 non deduction net profit of -775.19 million yuan, and in 2015 and the first half of this year, net profit of only 42 million yuan and 7 million yuan, there is a big gap between the performance and commitment. At the same time, the acquisition of the report said that if the underlying performance of the company’s commitment to the period of operation can not be achieved, and the transaction held by the other side of the shares of listed companies is not sufficient to compensate, you need to be compensated in cash. Chen Jianbin, Xu Qing and other star assault shares Jingbo last year to complete withdrawal of not only a high premium on the acquisition sparked concern, a number of star year assault shares, and the famous Shandong smelting enterprises Jingbo, also let Shandong become the hot financial and entertainment Jiabo multiple fields. Public information display, Yamato Yoshihiro was first established by the Shandong Taifeng newspaper相关的主题文章: