Shalongda disclosure of major asset restructuring plan 18 billion 500 million acquisitions pesticide roselip

Sha Longda disclosure of major asset restructuring plan 18 billion 500 million acquisitions pesticide giant ADAMA hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you falls in Sha Longda 18 billion 500 million pesticide giant ADAMA / Reporter Qin m, editor Quan Zeyuan after the secret the beginning of the year Chinese chemical Syngenta announced the acquisition of you, Chinese pesticide chemical enterprises launched another major acquisition. After the suspension of more than a year, Shalongda today finally revealed the major asset restructuring plan, the company intends to issue shares 100% shares indirect controlling shareholder Chinese conversion to purchase its holdings of ADAMA, the underlying asset valuation of $2 billion 800 million, 18 billion 567 million yuan, while the company intends to issue shares to raise the letter of Han stone is not more than 2 billion 500 million yuan matching funds for ADAMA main business related projects, pay the price of the repurchase shares. The plan said that through this transaction, will become the largest Chinese Shalongda, the world’s leading agricultural company, become the flagship enterprise of China pesticide industry. One of the industry giants. It is revealed that ADAMA is the world’s seventh largest pesticide producer and distributor based on sales, with a wide range of high quality and efficient herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. Plans to introduce, ADAMA has a total of about 1600 kinds of products, including the worldwide total effective components of 300 kinds and 1400 kinds of products, at the same time by more than 60 subsidiaries will be the main pesticide product sales to more than and 100 countries around the world, with direct coverage of the terminal market global sales network. The financial data show that as of June 30, 2016, total assets of ADAMA $4 billion 542 million, attributable to shareholders’ equity was $1 billion 693 million, the first 6 months of this year sales revenue of $1 billion 660 million, a net profit of $161 million in 2014; and in 2015, ADAMA’s revenues were $3 billion 220 million and $3 billion 64 million, net profit was $146 million and $110 million. For this transaction, Chinese conversion will be listed on the company’s ADAMA in the future during the performance of the compensation performance compensation agreement "signed". This is the second China chemical announced the acquisition of Syngenta, another major acquisition of Chinese pesticide chemical enterprises, the difference is the merger has had many years of layout. According to the plan, Israel ADAMA was originally listed company, headquartered in Israel near Tel Aviv, the two old Makhteshim Chemical Works Ltd. Israel Chemicals Ltd. (established in 1952), Agan Chemical Manufacturers Ltd. (founded in 1954) merged in 1997. In October 2011, Chinese conversion of ADAMA60% acquisition of shares, the largest shareholder of the former KOO of ADAMA相关的主题文章: