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Babies-Toddler One of the most important milestones in a child’s life as well as in the life of their parents is when the child capable of independently using the toilet. What’s more, there are certainly very few parents on this planet that will relish the idea of having to spend their time changing diapers, especially after their child has gone past their second birthday. Nevertheless, children will respond differently to potty training. Some factors that influence how well they respond include their own aptitude, ability to grasp new concepts as well as the potty training techniques used to teach them to potty unaided. Your Child Must be Ready to Learn Perhaps the first potty training tip worth following is to ensure that your child is ready to learn how to potty. In fact, it is also a good idea to teach them the advantages of staying clean by telling them that it would mean saying bye-bye to diaper rash and not needing to be interrupted just because the nappies need to be changed. A second worthwhile potty training tip worth following is to ensure that you teach him how to potty in a fun and stress-free manner. A good way to ensure that his potty training is fun and free from stress is to make the potty training process a game that can be played with the child. In a similar vein, another potty training tip worth considering is that you could turn the potty training exercise into a ritual that can be repeated. This in turn should result in making the child learn just what is expected of them and so he will make an effort to get used to the routine of using the potty whenever it necessary to eliminate or relieve him or herself. You can also take advantage of other useful potty training tips including making use of props in order to teach your child the right way to potty and in this regard you can use toys, books, videos and even music which can help in creating a conducive atmosphere in which to learn how to potty. You should also try and repeat the whole teaching process as often as possible including even every two to four minutes. If you time these lessons to coincide with the time when the child usually needs to use the toilet you can achieve better results. Also, whenever your child does the right thing and goes to the toilet instead of soiling his clothes, you must praise him and even giving a small reward with which to buttress your efforts is re.mended. The last, though by no means the most insignificant potty training tip is showing your child how to clean themselves up after using the potty. If you also ensure being patient as well as persevere in your efforts, you will find that by using these potty training tips, your efforts will soon be rewarded and your child will be.e potty trained. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: