Serie a top – Chewbacca Mother God made point break AC Milan win 2-0 Lazio-soojin

Serie a top – Chewbacca Mother God made point break AC Milan win 2-0 Lazio Baca celebrates sina sports news Beijing time 2:45 on September 21st (Italy local time 20 days, 20:45) fifth Serie A matches first 1 games, AC Milan 2 to 0 victory over Lazio home court for the first time since February, meaning a row. Baca opener. The second half, gnan mianduikongmen Dapian, then making the penalty and penalty. AC Milan strive for the first time since February serie a winning streak. Montella three lines are adjusted. The last round of the bench lore Chewbacca return to the starting, Lapadula returned to the bench. The end of the 2 round of Kurtz card suspended, replaced the injured Jose Sosa back. In defence, Dechy Leo injury, Calabria changed on the right. Lazio since September 1989 at AC Milan (11 serie a very flat 15 negative), but nearly 7 5 draw. Captain bigeliya muscle injured goalkeeper Marchetti on the day of the race, a calf injury in the starting line-up at first, but the warm-up before the game can not adhere to 21 years old, Albania goalkeeper Stella C Shah staged a debut. Milenkovic savage as a midfielder. An opening, Djordjevic peripheral left foot low shot was Donna Roumat get. Pass down in the penalty area gnan collusion, the referee ignored. Lulic pass, Parolo header got Donna Roumat. Luli threw the ball to the boundary line, Milin’s Savage nodded the ball before Donna Roumat was confiscated. Kurtz card header ferry, the union of offside into the restricted area, Stella C Shah was shot in his left foot to get. Then he takes Montolivo pass, Stella C Shah was shot in the left side of the penalty area confiscated. Union breakthrough Suso pass, Bonaventura suddenly to the edge of the area shot blocked the bottom line. AC Milan thirty-seventh minutes to lead! Kurtz card back straight line starting, Chewbacca offside, single handedly broke into the restricted area 13 meters away from the door to push the lower left corner, 1 to 0, he joined the AC Milan Serie A since the 45 shots and scored 23 goals, scoring rate of more than 50%. The San Siro scored 15 goals in 22 Serie A. Bonaventura left door 25 meters away from the left foot volley, Sitelakesha dropped nearly leakage through the door. First half time, Suso right even two people broke into the restricted area pass, Bastos turned away from juggling almost goal, Sitelakesha throws the ball, Bonaventura Bastos blocked 12 meters in front of the Tui, AC Milan corner, Kurtz card the ball into the top, but pushing for a foul. In the second half, Inzaghi adjusted the offensive line, and – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. Yinmobilai and Keita played with the shot missed. AC Milan fifty-sixth minutes missed scoring, Baka Zhise, Calabria on the right side of the area of low mass, the union of 5 meters in front of left foot shovel Kongmen, unbelievable to wide of the left post! Gnan break moment Baca injured, fortunately no serious. Locatelli replaced suso. Seventy-third minutes, Bakasai ball, gnan restricted the right pass, the right hand slid Radu block ball, penalty! The union surgeon advancing the lower left corner, 2 to 0, this is his book)相关的主题文章: