Send 2.9 yuan cup as a gift, so stingy Sheenah really appropriate (video)

Send 2.9 yuan cup as a gift, so stingy Sheenah really appropriate? Recently the mango variety "we have come to the" ending, the last is two male host exchange gifts with 8 female stars, each gift is very representative. Usually show Xixihaha we play together, or a critical moment to see the character ah as mango Taiwan’s brother, Wang Han has always been a decent and grand gift. This time he took a friend with Tibet Tiantie playing Bodhisattva, but only lightly said: "at my age, the biggest wish is peace, to know that this market is very rare in Tiantie Wenwan stuff is very expensive, to exchange the bottles of some people, Wang Han is really very thoughtful. Carina Lau’s hand is also very rich, with a direct hit gold sailing, still engraved the name of each person. "Light weight friendship, love over gold, no wonder Ka-ling sister in the circle of popular good supermodel Xi Mengyao took out a bracelet with the lucky coins and small diamond pieces, is very practical and have to go on the table to get gifts, the bracelet Sheenah also face a smiling flower rest Angie Chiu, sent a Book with the theme song of the book, Jiang Yiyan sent a homemade Jo Kerry Lee, Karen Mok sent a large photo of 3D stereo, Xu Jiao gave his own painting, Joe Chen sent a homemade doll, these gifts are not valuable, all are yourself there are memorable. Only Sheenah and Yuan Hong’s incredible gift. Actually sent a cup, but also said, "a lifetime". EXO????? The IKEA 2.9 yuan not more mugs, not personally do, even as a gift to other stars, really shabby home ah this old man Yuan Hong Brown won’t even send a gift, Sheenah is somehow mango sister ah, but compared to goose sent a gift to Wang Han, was a world of difference only broadcast the self-made "Huang Xiaochu seasons"! Listen to Huang Lei tells the life story behind the delicacy, sharing different solar term health cheats, followed Huang Xiaochu to open a new ruminate trip, watch the video down down down the most selfish couple! Huang Lei admit to Sun Li back a lot of stealing crab beside Ka-ling sister watched the cup, face dark she also blew over, if you buy expensive mask, a week to apply once a mask after use will wipe your neck and wipe your feet…… That year, Hunan TV opened a variety called "I am a big beauty", mainly about makeup and skin care, Sheenah also often to the program group to try to install, even if she has nothing to do with this show, nor is it a moderator. There are Sheenah buy clothes every time is to buy a set, and then split the shirt to the two most important men in life! Had been saving every time, must also be sent to the assistant to bargain Tucao sound of one of the highest or she and Zhang Jie wedding, sponsored pull N, arguably has earned profits. The results of her wedding in Shangri-La, but also from the guests to pay the ticket money…… In contrast, Xiaoming is really expansive and the atmosphere, invited half a star entertainment, all Baochibaozhu package ticket, this part of light took 120W! Sheenah for his stingy can understand is frugal, but if you are so stingy to friends, that will not be too spicy.相关的主题文章: