Secret Nur Ha Che 44 years of military life why always win a

Secret: Nur Ha Che 44 years of military life fight why core tip: "the enemy always outnumbered, baizhanbudai" has been regarded as the only criterion. "The art of war with ·" cloud: "Ming Junxian will, so moving and wins, the success for all who are the prophets. The prophets, undesirable in ghosts, not like in the things, not from experience, will take to the people, we know that the enemy is." In short, to rely on the spy to get the enemy intelligence, while the ability is another feature of Nur Ha Che military spy.   this paper from the Nur Ha Che data figure: surging news, author: Chen, the original title: the 400 anniversary of the establishment, why always win Nur Ha Che to fight Nur Ha Che in history, there had been two posthumous, were added in 1636 when the "Huangtaiji Gaiyuan emperor Taizu of Edward Zhao Ji very magic holiness kenmec Ren Xiao Wu the emperor" ("Emperor Wu Emperor"), and the first year of Kangxi (1662) Ren Xiao Wu Hong Rui very high and the emperor made the paper industry "Edward Zhao Ji Dynasty Guangyun magic holiness" ("emperor Taizu"). In the latter after ten generation made a posthumous title, eventually become the history of the most number of words in the posthumous title — "Edward emperor Zhao Ji very magic holiness kenmec Ren Xiao Rui Wu reporters Qin An Hirofumi Ding Ye", do not know the little Chinese Jurchen national hero if springs are known, this will feel. "High" is interpreted as the posthumous Law: "virtue, merit cover all things grand, the same day, gradually to overshadow and curtain" was selected as the court for Confucianism to the ancestors of praise while establish emperor’s reign but from the posthumous title as no ground for blame, the evaluation of the previous final judgement in terms of "high" is not the character "Wu" it can summarize the life of Nur Ha Che. When we got the Ning victory Yuan Chonghuan had described him as "lvzhanlvsheng, familiar with military forces, even throughout the life of Nur Ha Che" did not see progress, only to see the robbery, killing and destruction ", had to admit that his campaign command level has reached a high degree of excellence". "Do not work, do not rely on Nur Ha Che’s soldiers" in an early but thirteen armor, 30 horse only, its strength and influence are not even in the Haixi Jurchens and Jianzhou Juchen by the enemy, can support the outer Portland match. In this situation the ability to outsmart the enemy, not just to show off strategy highlights, more like life and death conditions. Ming Wanli eleven years (1583), Nur Ha Che in Nepal can revenge once outside the LAN and saerhu city of Santo Nuomina ally, but the person is "Yin, can help outside the LAN", several times Nur Ha Che’s action plan revealed to the latter, due to dissatisfaction with Nur Ha Che. Coincides with the Nuomina Nur Ha Che for his fraudulent attack baarda City, Nur Ha Che will, in their own arms in few grounds to his initiative, Naomi Na not from, Nur Ha Che and the full surrender of weapons of deception, as easy as blowing off dust seized saerhu city. The fate of three years (1618). Fushun is also a typical attack to win the battle of. Fushun city on the river, is the Ming Dynasty in Liaodong is an important pass, the horse trade center. As the 35 years of the war.相关的主题文章: