Scientists have detected two symmetrical jets in the center of an active galaxy (video)

Scientists have detected two symmetrical jets in the center of the active galaxy for a perfect interpretation of the collision of two galaxies in the past three decades. The latest observations show that there are two symmetrical jets in the tight region of the galaxy NGC 1052 in the center of. Tencent news website reported according to space physics, the magnetic field of a international team of astronomers near a supermassive black hole was measured by millimeter wave radio telescope observation found that the active galaxy NGC 1052 in the center of two closely jet. Anne, head of the research team – – Baczko (Anne-Kathrin) that such a large magnetic field can provide sufficient magnetic field energy for active galaxies, driving a relatively strong jet flow. The results of the study are published in the recent issue of the Astrophysical Journal &. The team used very long baseline interferometry to investigate and analyze the internal structure of the galaxy NGC 1052, which is able to locate the jet stream close to the black hole event horizon. The black hole itself is invisible, and the position of the black hole is usually only indirectly determined by tracking the wavelength of the jet core position, and it is difficult to measure the basic physical properties of most galaxies. At present, the researchers observed in the galaxy NGC two jet flow has a unique symmetry, allowing astronomers to locate the active center of the galaxy. Anne pointed out that the galaxy NGC 1052 is a truly critical source of information, because it can accurately locate the location of supermassive black holes in the vicinity of the universe. NGC 1052 is an elliptical galaxy, located in the constellation of whale, about 60 million light-years from earth, the magnetic field of the interior of the super massive galaxy can measure the compactness and brightness of the galaxy NGC 1052. The latest observed unique double jet close, the observation results are helpful to the formation of a strong jet flow revealed the mystery of this phenomenon usually appears in active galaxies, at the same time, it has important effect in astrophysics, because we see the jet driven by a rapidly rotating supermassive black hole magnetic energy extract. (long compile)相关的主题文章: