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Scarlett: Zhou Qi in special training in the United States by the Rockets arranged for him not only for the contract in Scarlett interpretation of Zhou Qi to the United States again (information) the Rio Olympic Basketball smoke cleared, the result is not ideal. We see Yi Jianlian’s hard work, but also to see the recognition he has gained. To tell the truth, this is probably the best news of the men’s basketball games. We also mentioned Zhou Qi, the performance is not satisfactory, did not achieve the desired play in the Olympic Games, this stage, many things will be infinitely enlarged, Yi Jianlian outstanding performance is not satisfactory, Zhou Qi play as well. What I can say is: Zhou Qi Olympic Games is really bad, but not as keyboard man so unbearable. No crossed psychological slump this Kaner, is the fact that the only thing. A good athlete, there are always unpleasant period, this state, early appearance, stronger than later. Like a sudden severe, young onset, good health, blood, vitality, can carry a Gangzhu, full recovery is not possible; old age Gas decline once the attack, may really be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. So, for Zhou Qi, the sky did not fall down, but also to improve. Don’t play well, Zhou Qi worry, no matter on what to say and how to say, the most important thing to him is to improve. He is anxious for their own ways of improving, rather like the Olympics to some rumors with the gas It is sheer fiction. During the preparations for the Olympic Games, Zhou Qi to participate in the draft, the two round was picked by the Rockets, he is about some frustration. A young man had been so smooth, this is the first time to feel the real gap between dream and reality, look back, quite normal. You are a top-notch student in the class, the teacher said parents with classmates envy, suddenly a final state is not good, get a passable performance, imagine the results announced the feeling, from the classroom at home, can understand the basic state of the then Zhou qi. Lost, depressed, anxious, not convinced…… Zhou Qi naturally will pay attention to some of the things that do not usually pay attention to, these may not be a time to change the role of something, so that it will work. For example, the biggest rumor "is Yao Ming rockets Zhou Qi was selected to do the work," Yao Ming says frankly: "I’m not so big face, never tell me the Rockets would choose Zhou Qi, just in hope and Zhou Qi and his team to want to contact me, you can’t say a translation the candidate?" Yao Ming said this time has been in the music, he has not known how the rumor spread out, or who came out. But he also told Zhou Qi, how to play on how to play basketball, the best way to prove that the outside world is wrong to play their own good." Another example is the Olympic Games to play is not ideal, the last time coming out of the "Qi Zhou talk back to Yi Jianlian", whether it is a joint or the nearest photographer, do not remember the "talk back" this intense scene, Zhou Qi shook his head to look at the picture, he recalled the scene should be a anti leakage Yi told him at a problem, then he said: "I understand Lai Lai, I do not know whom to pass into the" this is my Lai "then there is no then. These things now, it is inevitable that people feel funny. But in those who don’t understand, Zhou Qi相关的主题文章: