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Sandra Ng and Nicholas Tse kiss exposure experienced Nicholas Tse: don’t say by Zhejiang TV, King’s (Beijing) culture media CO produced under the blue sky and the "Twelve Feng taste" the third season will be broadcast on Zhejiang TV tonight. Nicholas Tse and Sandra Ng admit "kiss" experience, prompting Nicholas Tse hurriedly stop while Li Ronghao is a shy, secretive cuisine, has always been known for its strict quasi Nicholas Tse are amazing "!"   Nicholas Tse and Sandra Ng admit "kiss"   Nicholas Tse Li Ronghao and Sandra Ng Nicholas Tse is a curious awkward relationship bandit is shallow, careless of her earlier in the movie when the guy playing the "12 Golden Duck" and Nicholas Tse offered "bromance kiss", and "3" in front of her bold taste broke he and Nicholas Tse’s "kiss" experience can be traced back to Nicholas at the age of six! "Six years I knew him, his mother is my senior, six years old I was holding him kiss" in Taihu, Sandra Ng on the side of Li Ronghao broke off the reel, Li Ronghao yogavacara fiercely curious look, Nicholas Tse immediately stop shy "well! Okay! Don’t say it!" However, when Sandra Ng broke the news, Nicholas Tse was embarrassed to ask, "what did you say?" Originally, Nicholas Tse on his own childhood memories "kiss" has absolutely no impression! How can Sandra Ng let go of the opportunity to help Nicholas Tse "restore memory"? I saw her instant deduction from the scene at the time, "when Nicholas came! I’m just gonna go straight on…… "Scared Nicholas Tse quickly changed the subject, high Lengnan God look of embarrassment is convulsed!   Li Ronghao show "love private kitchens" exposes the cook at home   warm male encounter "serial" questions many circle of friends have said that Li Ronghao was a good cook, this also let everyone could not help Li Ronghao’s cooking is very curious. In this program, Li Ronghao will be the hidden boudoir "love private kitchens" small show also attracted Nicholas Tse Marvel again and again. A fragrant chicken rice is on the table, even though the proven front kitchen can not help but drool with envy said of Li Ronghao, "the secret chicken rice". While waiting for a pot of chicken rice is more active in The wind puffs the clouds away., Li Ronghao Nicholas Tse Feng kitchen ad hoc "hell pendulum test disc". Tofu, roe, needle…… These materials are extremely difficult to play in his hands very obedient, let professional kitchen works beside Feng Li Ronghao modestly inferior by comparison, when asked "do you think I can count it?" Nicholas Tse repeatedly praised, "this is a very good ah! (placed) too accurate!" Start with the food color, smell and taste, and chef level plate level, when Li Ronghao Nicholas Tse was asked why there is such a good craft, he said he usually have the habit of cooking I try to cook their own food in Beijing, sometimes in a restaurant to eat delicious food, will look back. The "full of Indoorsman husband like. Especially in the program, Li Ronghao accidentally said louzui "shopping is not alone……" Leading to the kitchen asked someone to accompany you?" Sandra Ng kuangshuai "have a girlfriend?" )相关的主题文章: