Samsung is suspected of providing funds to search the

Samsung allegedly offered money to Cui Shunshi company raided South Korean President Park Geun hye on the morning of 8 and parliament speaker Ding Shijun held a meeting to discuss the "bestie door" incident. Pu Jinhui said that if the new prime minister to recommend the candidates in Congress, she will be appointed prime minister and cabinet. South Korean media interpretation, which means that the park Geun hye retract a new prime minister nominated. On the same day, the prosecution of the Samsung headquarters raided the company with "bestie" incident contact investigation. According to prosecutors, the company suspected of providing 2 million 800 thousand euros to Pu Jinhui Cui Shunshi bestie company (about 20 million 940 thousand yuan) funds to finance their female equestrian exercises. Park Geun hye went to Congress for 13 minutes to meet briefly speaker Pu Jinhui arrived at the Capitol on the 10:27 at on the 8, 10:30 on time and Congress speaker began talks. Chong Wa Dae said that before the talks, two people on the nomination of a new prime minister, "bestie" incident of a series of topics to discuss, but the talks lasted only 13 minutes. Pu Jinhui said in the talks, said: "I came to see the speaker because I have the responsibility to restore the normal state affairs, Ding Shijun." She said that if Congress recommended the new prime minister, she is willing to appoint the new prime minister by the new prime minister, the cabinet to govern. Yonhap interpretation, park Geun hye of the above statement means that she has withdrawn the previous nomination of a new prime minister. Park at the end of October presidential reorganization after 2 days this month, President Roh Moo-hyun nominated staff for the new prime minister Bingzhun gold. The presidential palace Chong Wa Dae was announced, Pu Jinhui will be followed by a back seat, a gold Bingzhun take on more administrative duties. However, this program was strongly opposed by the opposition camp. Samsung Group in the first eight years of the raided Park Geun hye met with Ding Shijun on the same day, South Korean prosecutors "bestie" on Samsung raids. On the morning of 8 investigators around 6:40 into the Samsung Electronics Company is located in the southern Seoul headquarters, to collect information on the "bestie" event data. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is affiliated with the largest multinational conglomerate Samsung Group in Korea, which is the first time in 8 years, Samsung Group has been seized by the headquarters of the subsidiary. According to prosecutors said, Samsung Electronics Company suspected of consulting fees in the name of Cui Shunshi to provide 2 million 800 thousand euros of funds in Germany, funded its female learning equestrian. In addition, the Korean Equestrian Association has also been suspected to help Cui’s daughter, the back door". Cui Shunshi was referring to the establishment of two non-profit foundation, and the relationship with Park Geun hye prompted many big companies "generous". According to South Korean media, including Samsung, Hyundai and so on, including a number of well-known enterprises to the above two fund contributions, a total of about 80 billion won (about 470 million yuan). Xinhua news agency, special feature相关的主题文章: