Russian officials to visit Japan on the four northern islands on the sea of Japan appeared 2

Russian officials to visit Japan on the four northern islands on the sea of Japan appeared 2 Russian military Sohu Military Channel observer network synthesis: Reference News Network November 3rd News quoted the Japanese Ministry of defense, 3 in the morning to the afternoon, two Russian anti submarine aircraft "TU-142" flying off the coast of the Pacific in the Kanto, Japan Air Self Defense Force fighter jets scrambled to respond. According to Japanese media reports, the same day, the Russian Federation committee chairman Valentina matviyenko? Is visiting Japan, and expressed the Russian position on the Kuril islands. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported on November 3rd, two Russian anti submarine aircraft "TU-142" from near Sakhalin Island to fly through the sea of Okhotsk, came to Japan Kanto off the back. The two Russian anti submarine aircraft has not violated Japanese airspace, but because of the Russian anti submarine aircraft flight to Japan Kanto sea, it is rare, so the Japanese defense ministry is the intention of the Russian military analysis. At that time, President of the Russian Federation Council Valentina matviyenko? Is visiting Japan from October 31st to November 3rd, the Russian Federation Committee (upper house of parliament) chairman Valentina matviyenko visit in Japan?. According to the "Japanese economic news" 3, quoted Matvey Janko as saying, the problem of the Kuril Islands belonging to Russia without controversy. Russia is ready to sign a peace treaty with Japan on the issue to take out consultations, but the Japanese attitude of seeking truth from facts and restrictions on Russian sovereignty in the Kuril islands or the part of the territory to Japan is not possible. "This is not only the position of the Russian leadership, but also the position of all the people of our country," said Matvey Janko. Xinhua News Agency reported that Matvey Janko, 1, met with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. At a press conference after the meeting, Matvey Janko told reporters that Russia can not give up sovereignty. Matvey Janko said, will talk about the content, the relationship between Russia and Japan and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Tokyo next month? For exchange of views. Putin is scheduled to visit Japan in December, Andouble hopes to be able to make progress in the northern territory of the four islands during the meeting with Mr. Putin. According to the Russian satellite network reported on November 2nd, the day before visiting Japan, the Russian Federation committee chairman Matvey Janko believes that the Japanese sanctions against Russia sooner or later will be canceled. Matvey Janko held talks with Minister of industry and industry, Mr Yoko Hiroshige, in November 2nd. After the meeting, she told reporters that the Russian side believes that the impact of restrictions on Trade and economic cooperation between the two countries, the Japanese side should also be very clear. Matvey Janko said: taking into account the two countries have the intention to develop economic cooperation, Japan should lift all sanctions against russia. We exchanged views with the Japanese side, including the Japanese parliament." Matvey Janko believes that if the two countries will continue to build mutual trust, the implementation of the consensus between the leaders of Russia and Japan in the direction of development, then this issue will be lifted.相关的主题文章: