Rumor secret stay up late playing mobile phone is not long ca1835

Rumor secret: stay up late playing mobile phone is not long? Stay up late playing the phone is not long? (Sina pictures) source: Science and Technology Daily reported, a 10 year old girl Qian Qian, because of short stature, to the hospital examination found suffering from dwarfism, asking their habits, the doctor diagnosed the cause is actually "long-term stay up late playing mobile phone". This will inevitably make a lot of users confused: stay up late to play the phone will really make people long is not high? The report said that doctors believe that due to the lack of growth hormone caused by short stature. What is the effect of growth hormone on children’s height? According to the relevant information on our doctor, human growth hormone synthesis and secretion by pituitary cells, the basic function is to promote growth, but also an important regulator of metabolic pathway, regulation other metabolism function. It can promote the growth and proliferation of various kinds of tissue cells, bone, muscle and the growth and development of various organs of the system, the growth of the bones that lead to high body length, which is closely related to growth hormone and high growth. The media interview for diagnosis of Wuhan Central Hospital Department of Endocrinology Qianqian lake hospital district director Zhang Hongmei. Zhang Hongmei said the lack of growth hormone affects children’s height. After falling asleep at night 45 – 90 minutes, is the peak of children’s growth hormone secretion, the amount of secretion after an hour of sleep accounted for more than half of the total amount of the day. Therefore, it is essential for children to sleep at least 8 hours a day. It seems not to play with the phone, but stay up late lead to inadequate growth hormone secretion so that the child is not high.相关的主题文章: