Ruin childhood Small meat than self Yingmuhuadao controversy-reshacker

Ruin childhood? Small meat than self Yingmuhuadao controversy if anime fans to the viewfinder in the cartoon will be very excited. It is for this reason, in recent years, with the animation of the Holy Land parade also led to the development of many local tourism economy in japan. Yesterday (October 9th), the well-known little meat Liu Haoran in micro-blog drying out in his "master" dunk viewfinder photos, and since than yingmuhuadao. Although this is just a personal behavior as a cartoon fans, but he was on the Internet, micro-blog has sparked a hot debate. We think that in addition to the scene can play a few similarities? "Master" dunk is a lot of anime fans childhood memories. "Master" dunk is about to please the crush the favor of Aki Haruko, the original no basketball foundation Yingmuhuadao consider less than joined the basketball team, and yet love Haruko since junior high school has been a star player Rukawa Kaede. Natural potential and unyielding spirit, make rapid progress Sakuragi gradually become indispensable, Hunan basketball team players. At the same time, Yingmuhuadao joined the north high school basketball team, under Aki Takenori’s leadership, the national high school basketball league from the regional contest started. Animation scenes shot in Tokyo kamakura. Play the animation after up to now, there are a lot of people to find the shadow of Kamakura animation. But Liu Haoran’s micro-blog has sparked controversy. There are some Yingmuhuadao fans think, what Liu Haoran likens himself to their idol. Liu Haoran’s fans are in the following, not resigned to playing second fiddle to hit micro-blog. Don’t know in the eyes of you buddy, Liu Haoran than Yingmuhuadao it appropriate? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: