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Rong Ping: from the foreign minister to Sichuan platform to see the opening of the forefront Rong Ping: from the foreign minister to Sichuan platform to see the forefront of opening up

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Sichuan has been a pioneer in China’s opening up. Sichuan has become a force for opening up a new round of China. Sichuan is expected to become China’s overall pattern of opening up a new leader." In the "open China: look at the · Sichuan; see the world," the global promotion, foreign minister Wang Yi is the introduction of Chinese and foreign guests to Sichuan. With the highly foreign minister’s chamber, one side is overcrowded with people’s activities in the field, All seats are occupied., guests and media both a record number, one side is Sichuan Pengchu sincerity "feast", the provincial Party secretary personally "supervision" of the global promotion of large, field development planning, high technology, delivery times show business opportunities.

The focus of the

world on Sichuan, Sichuan’s passion for the world, stems from the fact that Sichuan has stood at the forefront of China’s new round of opening up. Sichuan station on the forefront of opening up, is the inevitable choice to undertake the historical mission, is the pursuit of the inherent needs of leapfrog development, but also the construction of the engine of the rise of the Western endogenous conditions.

openness and prosperity are always hand in hand, Sichuan’s history has repeatedly proved this point. The Han Dynasty, the starting point of the Silk Road in Chengdu, the silk, lacquerware are exported overseas, within the city "city without the business, the deep, become Changan outside the" Five "one. The Tang Dynasty, Chengdu north and south through the Silk Road, the Yangtze River economic belt and the maritime Silk Road to connect with the world, "Yang Yi two" has become one of the international metropolis Chengdu pass from mouth to mouth with approbation, the most influential. Thousands of years of practice tells us, opening up resources, promoting economic development, cultural prosperity and active thinking, national, city open area, and prosperity for.

Sichuan again stood in the open front, this is hero. "The implementation of The Belt and Road" strategy, the Sichuan Chinese hinterland to open the first line. Look at the core, Chengdu has just been identified as the National Center of the city, will become the nation’s strongest comprehensive strength of agglomeration, radiation and driving ability is the largest city on behalf of globalization, shouldering the full range of countries to participate in international competition mission. Look at the strength, Sichuan’s total economic output last year exceeded 3 trillion, ranked sixth in the country, has opened 89 international routes, 4700 km railway and the Yangtze River golden waterway smoothly. Look at the location of Sichuan to the west, connecting the Central Asian and European countries, North South economic corridor docking in Mongolia and Russia, into the China – Indochina economic corridor and Pakistan, BCIM economic corridor, eastward expansion of all-round opening up the golden waterway of the Yangtze River shows broad prospects. Look at the strategy, the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" strategy, expand the opening level of the western region, what difference in the journey to bridge the tribes of Sichuan, as economic development strategic, to connect the Eurasian highlands and the western region engine, owned a "personal".