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Health Ever have a headache so bad you thought your head would explode? You feel sick, have nausea and dizziness, intense neck and head pain, and even feel disoriented. You are not alone. Millions of people suffer from debilitating headaches each day, some from migraines others cluster, but most due to tension from stress. Dr. La Starza has offered headache relief for thousands of people who have been suffering for years. If you have no significant health issues, then there are 5 things you can use to reduce the dis.fort and pain associated with headaches and make your life more enjoyable. My first suggestion for reducing headaches will even save you money. That’s a bonus! I always re.mend to my Chiropractic patients to reduce their caffeine intake. Coffee is usually the main culprit, but many times sodas, teas, energy drinks, and even "indulgence" foods like chocolate can be a huge contributor to your headaches. By reducing the intake of caffeine products, and replacing them with loads of clean water, you can take a major step forward in reducing the intensity, duration, and frequency of your headaches. Another suggestion that can save you money and prevent other health issues is to stop smoking, which is putting chemical stress into your body. While the main culprit of cigarette smoking is nicotine, there are many other sources of nicotine to consider. Chewing tobacco, cigars, cigarettes and even second-hand smoke (at someone house or in bars and clubs) can be a significant contributor to your headaches. Reducing exposure to nicotine is a critical decision to make as it will affect many area"s of your health. Third tip is easy and something our parents preached to us as young kids. Remember when your parents wished you a good night’s sleep? They were teaching you something valuable! A good night’s sleep, full of uninterrupted deep rest, goes a long way in reducing the duration and intensity of your headaches. It also helps with your immune system and overall health. When you sleep your body can repair and regenerate itself. Meditation helps reduce the overall stress in your life, so that you can get deep, quality sleep. Next is maintain a good diet. Eating healthy will allow your body (and internal systems) to work properly. A diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables, and low in red meat will help reduce inflammation and decrease headaches. Refine your eating habits as much as possible so that you improve your overall health and, at the same time, reduce your headaches. Remember that a part of eating healthy is to drink plenty of water. Talk with your chiropractor or nutritionist, or look at the US RDA re.mendations for your height and body weight. Chiropractors are very educated with nutrition and the biochemistry of the body. At La Starza Wellness Chiropractic in Rockledge we offer standard process nutritional products as well as many more. Finally, chiropractic adjustments can help relieve headache pain quickly. Many of our patients with headaches have had an issue with a spinal cord disc, an impinged nerve, other spinal interference, which when corrected immediately relieved the headache. Find a qualified, licensed chiropractor, who has experience in relieving headaches. You should understand exactly what the chiropractor can do to help your body start working properly again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: