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Review of ten years of evolution of the spy drama critic: always take the "Spy +" route – Sohu culture channel Spy + ten years of evolution from "decryption", "sparrow", "rouge" to "double", several Spy Drama have been hit for the industry to discuss the theme of the reunion. If ten years ago, the "hidden", "cliff" and "gun" is the spy element fusion "husband and wife" as a selling point, then to the present, in order to cater to more young audience, "sparrow", "rouge", "decryption" is spy fusion youth idol, and "double" it returned to the "couple" make a fuss. In the recently held "double" expert seminar, critic Li Xingwen said, "since 2005 2006, the New Spy Drama revival, in fact the development of spy war drama have been" Spy + "route, is always the spy, plus various other elements." Spy + true husband and wife have to say, the Spy Drama filmed in the repertoire today, has been difficult to innovation, path is too narrow, some of the classic Spy Drama do not escape the "relationship", like "before dawn" this man play is really not much. Which not only have a "hidden", "cliff" fake husband and wife, also have "," double "gun" in a real couple. The relationship between husband and wife can lead to false conflict more, and don’t have emotional changes, and it is a false thing becomes true; couples are more focused on love and comrade, how to balance family and career, or choose the cause of small. Whether true or false, they belong to the same camp, or a wife is a housewife who understands her husband’s career. But to the "double" is obviously the Spy Drama "relationship" to do the expansion. In the play, the liberation of Chengdu in 1949 as the background, tells the story of Peng Gang Wu Peixin, between the identity of opposites agent couple’s story, Peng Gang resistance in the story comes from his wife, he must not only a complete undercover mission, but to complete the redemption of his wife faith. "Spy Drama forms and practices to see how you like Hot pot, with, to finally have some pepper is a must. In fact, "double" has been developed to me is hard to imagine the relationship between next couple and the revolution will be how to write is going to be a revolutionary and a counter revolutionary, two people still really love, can make 41 sets is really not easy." Spy war drama more and more difficult to retrofit, their views China Writers Association Secretary Yan Jingming made. In fact, "double" relationship between the characters set is not imaginary, but well documented. Screenwriter Joe soldiers said: I have to check in the creation, there is such a couple in our archives, is the husband of the Communist Party and the KMT’s wife, the real thing is the Communist Party of the Kuomintang killed. But as a creative, it must be a re structure of the characters, to do a set of dead. The audience said watching the child, I prefer more abuse, is to see how to solve the contradiction between the couple." Spy + youth idol drama "rouge" is the best of the latest wave of "small meat" Spy Drama reputation, in combination with the youth idol elements at the same time, is completely free of the "relationship between husband and wife". Director Xu Jixia相关的主题文章: