Religious festival set off firecrackers India haze forced to stop thousands of primary school – Sohu yuanjiao

The religious festival firecrackers in India haze forced to stop thousands of primary school – Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency, New Delhi, the capital of India even suffered a severe haze, temporarily closed about 1800 primary school was forced to 5 days, is expected to 7, the air quality improved after re opening. Since the end of October, the air quality index in New Delhi and the surrounding areas continue to burst table. According to the India Center for science and the environment, this is the most serious haze in New Delhi over the past 17 years. The latest round of haze, due to the New Delhi people in October 30th to set off firecrackers to celebrate a religious holiday, the result of a sharp deterioration in air quality overnight. Most primary and secondary schools in India 6 days a week, which generally only half a day on Saturday. This arrangement will affect the city closed about 900 thousand pupils. In recent years, the air quality in New Delhi has gone from bad to worse. Analysts said that with the rapid development of urbanization around India City, vehicle exhaust, coal-fired power plants, industrial emissions, burning straw, poor use of fire for heating and cooking and other multiple factors leading to frequent haze. India’s Ministry of environment, 4, convened a number of state officials meeting to discuss measures to control air pollution.相关的主题文章: