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Red rice Note 4 release to move 30 million units sold millet mobile phone network technology Leidi Lotte – Sohu reported in August 25th the company today millet and China Mobile jointly issued national new products: mobile phone red rice red rice Note 4. This new product with the integration of all metal forming process, the ten core flagship processor, 4100mAh ultra high density cell, fingerprint identification, and equipped with MIUI 8 system, let mobile phone application functions such as double spare, become a reality. Red rice Note 4 price of $899. Millet company founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun said: "mobile phone red rice since the birth of three years sales of more than 110 million units, the national mobile phone which become fully deserve, and is inseparable from the support of China Mobile." In the review of the development of mobile phone red rice, Lei Jun highlighted two red rice mobile phone, the first mobile phone is red rice and China Mobile terminal company jointly issued in July 30, 2013, the total sales of this product reached 22 million 70 thousand Taiwan; March 2015 millet again in cooperation with China Mobile Terminal Company launched the red rice Note, total sales of this product reached 27 million 530 thousand units. Today released red rice Note 4 millet and China Mobile jointly launched a new joint degree of three degrees. Li Huidi attended the press conference and said: "the red rice Note4 market, China Mobile will be a new starting point for cooperation with millet company. We hope that through joint efforts of both sides, and strive to sell more than thirty million years, including red rice Note4, including millet phone products." Li Huidi: millet in India, Southeast Asia, Brazil and other overseas markets stand firm. China Mobile is also in response to the national "The Belt and Road ‘call, and actively implement the strategy of" going out ", to invest in Pakistan, Southeast asia. China Mobile hopes to work together with millet and other industrial chain partners to promote the development of national brand terminal products in the world." Currently, China Mobile in promoting the development of 4G industry. The whole year is expected to open the 4G base station number will reach 1 million 400 thousand, will have more than 500 million customers to experience China Mobile’s 4G service, which VoLTE customers will reach more than 30 million, the annual 4G terminal sales will reach 330 million, of which 100 million VoLTE terminal sales. Li Huidi stressed: red rice Note4 is a national mobile phone, and red rice Note4, excellent network, low tariffs, covering a wide range of China Mobile, China is also the most trusted operators." Li Huidi at the press conference today said, "in 2016, in order to guide the healthy development of 4G+ industry, drives, China Mobile plans to joint ten domestic mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone launched 10-15 boutique in the year, to jointly carry out unified whole network marketing activities. China Mobile will carry out market communications in its various platforms, while the investment, including calls, traffic, including promotional resources. Today, we are here jointly issued red rice Note4, is one of these boutique phones." Red rice Note4 by China Mobile terminal.相关的主题文章: