Red ghosts send invitations Baiyun bridge premiere viewing create new

Red ghosts send invitations "Baiyun bridge" premiere viewing create new styles of Tencent entertainment news recently, Beijing Jingxian red ghosts come to send invitations to topic detonated network topics. Why red haired ghost shape triggered by the public, and received invitations to the guests is staggered, many users upload pictures and video "ghost", was immediately forwarded crazy at micro-blog WeChat. According to media reports, the "red ghosts come to send invitations to events from" Thriller "the book" Jiangnan Baiyun Bridge Marketing planning. The ghost took the hand is "Baiyun bridge" premiere viewing activities invitation. The film directed by Zhong Xuan, Hongkong actor Deric Wan, sweet goddess Liu Yuting and the young actor at the Hongkong summer, star Lee den co star, will be officially released in November 18th. The red ghost image is derived from the film Meng Yan (Zhong Xuan ornaments) Yang Po (Liu Yuting). It is behind the team take this unique form of create new styles, and red ghost image also let all people impressed. According to director Zhong Xuan expressed, the ancient – Baiyun bridge bridge "Baiyun bridge" film inspired by Zhejiang in Yuyao has 1300 years of history, it is a bridge to the area south of the Yangtze River, the local people worship the Yin and Yang of the two circles the dead blessing of the mysterious bridge. Sleepwalking Meng Yan met a strange combination of circumstances the little boy in the Baiyun bridge on (Li Zhuolin), he was born the son of Meng Yan to the soul. The little boy told Meng Yan a secret, as she and Zhang Qing (Deric Wan ornaments) life, then the little boy’s words fulfilled when Meng Yan, on the brink of collapse, and finally triggered a mystery. "Baiyun bridge" have attracted much attention at home and abroad, not only as the only Chinese film exhibition was successfully nominated for the 2016 Cannes International Film Festival, the twenty-fifth is still the Golden Rooster hundred flowers film festival invited debut, gain a lot of praise from the audience, causing widespread concern at home and abroad. The film will be released nationwide in November 18th, please look forward to!相关的主题文章: