Recommendation vs champions Besiktas Naples sports

Recommendation: VS champions Besiktas Naples – Sohu sports game time: analysis of the 2016-11-02 1:45 event: Wednesday Besiktas recently in good condition, in 10 competitions have been unbeaten, more strong performance of a 5 game winning streak, the weekend of the league in 1 goals behind the final tenacious tie away 1:1 forced Pinggenkelebi, in fact Thales card frontcourt players played well, scored 3 goals in 2 games, the team is an important engine, he is looking forward to the war how; Naples and Juventus finished just war, eventually to the old Gonzalo Higuain lore, on the road they even lost 1:2, this game is the third game in 6 days inside. Physical, is a major test, the game also went to Turkey, their status is not optimistic. Handicap analysis: Asian data companies generally chupan the half note by the mechanism of raising disc to dribble, the first time against Naples in the group phase, the enemy had home court Besiktas, now they are in the physical test, although the mechanism of their victory has a certain grasp, but people should be cautious investment. Do not blindly follow the trend, is likely to be their intention deliberately induced disc, the good is worth looking forward to. Shengping Fu recommended: 31 Asian recommendation: Beixikedasi recommended: 1:1, 2:1 ———————————————————- score don’t blindly under the ball! The official recommended your best football and basketball profit kill Zhuang group, and lead the group? God game player??, want to rush rich friends welcome to join, profit Shazhuang button group: 8388867 password: 25. Subscription [WeChat] on Yum ball Huang public number: baishengball, daily send free analysis recommended! ———————————————————-相关的主题文章: