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Recommended two drive Deluxe Guangzhou Honda crown road Car Buying manual – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] Guangzhou Honda’s new medium SUV- crown has been officially listed on October 29, 2016, the new pre listed equipped with 2.0T+9AT combination of power models, equipped with 1.5T+CVT combination of power models, will be officially listed in March 2017. The price range of 2.0T models listed in advance for 26.98-32.98 million, a total of 5 models, not cheap. From the official propaganda in the crown road known as the big luxury SUV point of view, the early launch of the 5 2.0T models have a bit of a high grade brand taste, and the real amount of running to wait until next year 1.5T models listed. So just listed in the 5 models, which is the most worth buying? You look down. The world’s first crown road at the time, most people think that their main rival is TOYOTA highlander. But the crown big space, 5 seat layout was not Highlander as their opponents, but for Bie Keang, like Ford Kuwait sharp boundary such 5 medium-sized SUV. In addition, in order to achieve the purpose of differentiation with them, but also made the back of the back of the shape of the back. The car in the configuration on the crown road no less hard, with a lot of China consumers loved the configuration. For example, in addition to the minimum allocation models, are equipped with ANC active noise reduction system, which has been criticized in the car is not enough to mute the Honda model is a big positive. In addition, like car Wi-Fi, shift paddles, variable suspension, variable ratio steering configuration is introduced, also meet the various needs of driving enthusiasts. Configuration analysis:.370 TURBO two drive Elite Edition. Guide price: 269 thousand and 800 yuan. The recommended index: * * * is the crown elite version of the minimum allocation models, although is the lowest, but the daily can use configuration is relatively rich. Especially in the travel, security, elite version of the same variable suspension, brake priority, vehicle stability control, variable steering ratio, traction control and so on configuration. In addition, it is equipped with 19 inch wheels, rear view mirror electric folding heating adjustment, Apple CarPlay, remote start engine configuration, daily driving is enough and even some excess". However, the lack of halogen headlamps, leather seats, skylight fabric mix plastic wheel these points together, will be the most consumer tastes. You know, I have spent nearly 270 thousand yuan to buy this car, and these are not configured to show the grade of me, it is inevitable that people unhappy. .370 TURBO two drive deluxe edition guide price: 279 thousand and 800 yuan. The recommended index: it assumes is not feeling very uncomfortable? It’s not right! Perhaps the intention is to allow you to Guangzhou Honda to buy the configuration higher, with the lowest elite version is only temporary attract you to store cars means serious selling models in the above. Fortunately, only 10 thousand yuan than the entry-level version of the luxury version of the two drive, configuration level.相关的主题文章: