Real Madrid this state must play barcelona! Only a few people in the array of qualified

Real Madrid this state must play barcelona! The array is only C few people qualified Luo Benzema played very loose sports + reporter Leeson from Bernabeu to Gijon Real Madrid to win is not easy, even after 5 minutes C Ronaldo scored a penalty, seventeenth minutes in front of a diving header scored two of the Bernabeu thought and can enjoy a large at the feast. No one will remember the opening 1 minutes, Danilo return errors, causing gijn outside shot; second minutes, and on the left gijn successful penetration, only after the road company failed to outflank shot. Gijn dare to start to start a fast break press and Real Madrid, Real Madrid week in the Champions League to kick and Lisbon athletics competition has started slightly, using press out the ball damage to Real Madrid is a good idea; two is gijn nearly 9 round League 2 flat 7 negative, leading away a little broken pot broken – with Bernabeu to defend, as a fight he a life-and-death struggle to take a chance. Gijn after the opening of the fast break, very distressedly defender Pepe C Ronaldo scored a penalty after 5 minutes the first record of course, luck also need to have the necessary means and spirit of adventure. Gijon coach after the game to explain the field in Abelardo, "as Douglas and Ismael (two wing guard campaign Gijon) has a strong desire to assist, is also an advantage in physical, so we decided to try to play 3 defender. First of all by Douglas and Ismael pressure and 3 midfield formation midfielder press line, once the press is real breakthrough, two wing guard retreat back 5. I did not expect that the test was so successful, but the front door is less effective than Real Madrid striker. C Ronaldo scored in the penalty, but we have a penalty shot fly…… Thirty-fifth minutes, Modri ball fault, gijn on the left after Carle counterattack, Mona Qiangdian pulled one road. At half-time, Bernabeu understand the ball summarizes three major factors: 2 goals than the 0 leading anti lax, Modri has not reached the 100% state (Lisbon athletics has many mistakes), Benzema back when not active. What is worse, after leading lax is not only defensive back, when do not actively participate in the Benzema is not alone. The second half Zidane want to treat disease by lazy Bianzhen, but still of no avail. Kovacic and C Ronaldo (Real Madrid is lying on the ground) the few bright spots J Ronaldo presenting dim, seventieth minutes for the first half of Real Madrid Zidane hit 4411, J Ronaldo and Vasquez Ren on both sides, with Benzema C Ronaldo became the two center behind. In order to destroy the Sporting Press, in order to allow J Ronaldo and Kovacic (Real Madrid the best player) can play a greater role in the game, Zidane played 433 immediately in the second half, to take the fight in the backcourt. However, Benzema in the rain completely misfiring, wasted two good chances of a header, destroyed by each other, a goalkeeper was caught. With no real Madrid by factors of slippery wet ball playing long shots, they have home court battle attack and no real threat. On the contrary, the use of flooding in the middle of the road, in 78 minutes to create a point P相关的主题文章: