Quanzhou dog theft gangs commit crimes wire sleeve head 24 dogs stole home 3344111

Quanzhou dog theft gangs who commit crimes set stolen dogs head wire 24 Taiwanese news network November 19th wire sleeve head again pull, just a few seconds, you steal a dog. The day before yesterday, the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Xi Mei criminal investigation squadron in Nanan City, in Quanzhou City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment seven brigade support, successfully destroyed a stolen dog Gang, arresting 3 suspects, cracked a series of livestock theft case more than 10, recover stolen dogs 24, recovered 5 decks, pliers and other tools of crime number 1, vehicle crime. Suspect vehicles found on the tools of the crime squadron police, recently, the area of theft dog cases continue to be high, the suspects use wire dog and other means, more than 20 dogs have been stolen. By carefully screening and analyzing the surveillance video, the project team found that a Wuling van often appeared near the scene of the crime, and then investigated the suspect vehicle information. However, the suspects have strong awareness of anti investigation, and the frequent replacement of the license plate brings great difficulties to the investigation work. Expand the search scope, judged after a comprehensive analysis of the real information locked the suspect vehicle ad hoc group, and control of the investigation. 17 morning, the task force was informed that the suspect vehicles appeared in the vicinity of Anxi, immediately contact the Quanzhou Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment of the seven brigade, give technical support, quickly drove to Anxi. After careful Mopai along the way, the police finally found a suspect vehicle in Anxi tiger Qiu highway, surrounded by four sides, investigators quickly on the car 3 suspects in situ control, while the car found 24 stolen dogs and tools of crime. Police introduced, arrested Liao, Hemou and Wang 3 suspects are Sichuan people. According to the 3 men, their partnership in the theft of dogs in Meishan, Dong Tian, Lun Cang and Anxi, more than 10. At present, 3 suspects have been under criminal detention, and the case is under further investigation. Recently, there was a dog stolen in the South American District of Anxi, which could be contacted with the US criminal investigation squadron: 0595-86390560.

泉州一盗狗团伙流窜作案 铁丝套头盗走家犬24只   闽南网11月19日讯 铁丝套头再一拉,短短几秒钟,就偷走一只家狗。前日,南安市公安局刑侦大队溪美刑侦中队,在泉州市公安局刑侦支队七大队的支持下,成功打掉一个盗狗团伙,抓获3名嫌疑人,破获系列盗窃牲畜案10多起,追回被盗家犬24只,追缴5副套牌、钳子等作案工具若干,作案车辆1部。 嫌疑车辆上搜到的作案工具   中队民警介绍,近期,辖区内盗窃家犬案件持续高发,犯罪嫌疑人使用铁丝套狗等手段,先后盗狗20多只。专案组通过对监控视频仔细甄别分析,发现 一部五菱牌面包车经常出现在案发地附近,遂对嫌疑车辆信息进行调查。但嫌疑人反侦查意识较强,频繁更换车牌,给侦查工作带来极大的困难。扩大搜查范围后, 经过综合研判分析,专案组锁定嫌疑车辆真实信息,并对其进行布控侦查。   17日早上,专案组获悉嫌疑车辆在安溪一带出现,立即联系泉州市公安局刑侦支队七大队,给予技术支持,迅速驱车赶赴安溪。经沿途细致摸排,民警 终于在安溪虎邱一公路上发现嫌疑车辆,经四面夹击,侦查员迅速将车上3名嫌疑人就地控制,同时在车上发现24只被盗家犬及作案工具若干。   民警介绍,抓获的廖某术、何某和王某3名嫌疑人都是四川人。据3人交代,他们合伙在眉山、东田、仑苍、安溪等地盗窃家犬10多起。   目前,3名嫌疑人已被刑事拘留,案件正在进一步审理当中。   近期,在南安溪美辖区有家狗被盗的市民,可与溪美刑侦中队联系:0595-86390560。相关的主题文章: