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Qin Kai proposes again Hezi Wu Minxia about the boyfriend: he will have just ended than my red Sina entertainment news the Rio Olympics, ten points Friday night, China athletes gathered in triumph of Hunan satellite TV "every day", the first variety show staged Ultra Luxury lineup. Chinese sports trump card – one of China’s diving dream team players Wu Minxia, Qin Kai, Ho, Lin Yue, Xian Xian Xian Xian Xian Xian Xiu xiu. The Olympic diving hardware king Wu Minxia and generous about sister Guo Jingjing, and her boyfriend love to share details, taking a dog abuse! Qin Kai ho ho chao chao site romantic wedding, tears! The term "every day" in the footsteps of the Rio Olympic Games followed China athletes, the most popular full lineup of athletes has a net. Chinese diving dream team "sister" Wu Minxia, Lin Yue, Chen Aisen and Qin Kai young, sing the Hezi talents in high and vigorous spirits! The envy of everyone romantic proposal let Qin Kai, what position the national diving team Shenxianjuanlv has become the focus in the Olympic games. In the show, they also shared the first moving story behind the proposal. Qin Kai said, because he felt the opportunity of the Olympic Games in Rio is very rare, want to give him a surprise, so planning the proposal. Before recording media goings, Qin Kai also revealed that he is in the gap between races took more than and 30 hours to prepare for this proposal: "in addition to a team, the rest to help". He recalled the moment when he was asked to admit that he did not respond to a little over, was also immersed in the loss did not win, unfortunately did not enjoy the surprise. Wu Minxia in the side: "to ask again!" Did not expect the program group and Qin Kaizhen ahead of the preparation of a grand proposal, so unprepared to surprise him, the scene was excited red eyes, the scene is very warm. At the same time, the two also revealed that they have been in discussions with their parents to deal with matters related to marriage. Diving team sister Wu Minxia is also full of surprises. Program, Wu Minxia recalled 18 years of diving career: in fact, my body is not suitable for diving, but for so many years still persevered". For the outside world is widely concerned about emotional issues, Wu Minxia is also very generous and every day to share the brothers and her boyfriend’s love history: in fact, it is a kind of fate. I know his voice, he is 08 years of water cube English announcer, everyone recognized his voice sounds very nice ". He also joked that he is now more than I am red, what happened that day I do not know, the second day news headlines are his". Also mischievously asked the audience: he (her boyfriend) handsome?" Before recording media goings on in Wu Minxia for the love of exposure is not accidental said: "there are some things to the time of exposure naturally exposure". Wu Minxia site also said that if the boyfriend wants to marry him, must be more than the Qin Kai Ho’s surprise". In addition to Chinese diving dream team, the "every day" is invited to Malone, Liu Guoliang, Zhang Guowei, Xue Changrui, Long Qingquan, Xiang Yanmei, thunder and other popular Olympic athletes, super lineup of "Olympic tournament Field Office King", for the first time the athletes "offer wonderful sound", not power! (commissioning editor: Koyo)相关的主题文章: