Professor Lu Binglun no need to change the face on dynamic bone health Sohu-shuyue

Professor Lu Binglun: no need to change the face of bone health buta – Sohu is afraid to take pictures? With the elevation of shooting, Tuosai sell potential, potential occlusion from your adorable face, his face looks a little hope, want to send a circle of friends but also a variety of P map to see. It is estimated that you do not dare to face the blind party, ah, ha ha see death! Don’t be afraid to move on the bone, in fact many women face by simple shaping means can change shape, but you need to know your face, "transformation" to local conditions, will make you more confident, hassle free to take. Before changing the face, we need to carefully analyze what is the cause of their own big face, in simple terms, can generally be divided into muscle, fat and skeletal type. First of all, a lot of people face big reason: muscle type! Cause this type of arch-criminal big face is the masseter, we can through the experiment to determine their teeth is not the masseter muscle hypertrophy, place your palms on the cheeks, hard to bite the root, if can feel obvious protuberance feeling, it shows you the very powerful masseter muscle hypertrophy, the broad face of you is it possible to "sin". Want to "punish evil" to outline the muscle type face look softer, face is smaller, just in parts of masseter injection needle thin face. The process is very simple and easy, very fine needle injection, basic painless, a week or so you can see the obvious effect, the shortcoming is: about half of the need to re injections. After the three time can be a good and stable effect. In the future can be injected according to the requirements or not. Fat mellow plump: as the name suggests, is a lot of facial fat, pinch the meat, or mouth looks like eating the food you can’t swallow. This type of large face can be corrected by removing the buccal fat pad. Only need to open a small hole in the mouth, you can easily solve the problem of baby fat, surgery anesthesia, will affect a week eating chewing, recovery quickly does not affect the basic life, generally four days to work, significant effect. The fat soluble fiber can be effectively improved, only a little fat meat surgery, second days to go out to see people leaving no trace of the lost face. Strong and tough bones: if you are not on the two types, that is why you are likely to lead to skeletal face, face lift pin, buccal fat pad surgery may not have the fat soluble fiber ideal effect. This situation, only by improving the facial surgery of mandibular angle osteotomy to solve, treatment of mandibular angle surgery compared with the other two types are more complex, the need for general anesthesia with a certain period of time, postoperative recovery, but the effect is underlined, many serious facial contour problems can be solved, this the point is not up to the other minimally invasive surgery. No matter how V face, please choose carefully with your doctor, his experience is the first step for face security. Lu Binglun, MD, professor. The Department of plastic surgery in Xi’an Changan hospital director, Xi’an Lu Binglun Oscar orthopaedic centre Dean micro interview appointment.相关的主题文章: