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Professor Lu Binglun: how to avoid the side effects of the facial surface coating carving? Sohu health micro plastic technology matures, most people are gradually accepting micro plastic, but because of the reasons for the operation of the doctor’s technology, there are often some negative news. The very popular face lifting Hand-Pulled Noodle carving art as an example, the good effect at the same time, there were side effects of some people asked facial lifting embedding. Recently, according to media reports, a 35 year old woman in the face lifting operation, to eliminate nasolabial folds, but was exposed laugh, became a. Why face pulling will appear this kind of symptoms?! For the media exposed the case by the Department of plastic surgery Professor preliminary judgment that the woman should be buried, end hook line hook the fascia, the other end and hook line may be put in the wrong position, leading to facial expressions, appeared the phenomenon of crooked mouth. So how do we avoid this kind of side effects appear? Face embedding (surface carving) conditioning is the use of absorbable hook line, to implant the skin, fascia skin hook, to face upward pulling effect. For the anti wrinkle, eliminate fine lines, double chin drooping, apple muscle relaxation, the effect is very good, and it is a very safe way to lift. However, if the operator is not very familiar with the physiological structure of the face, it may not be buried in the fascia layer, it is prone to abnormal symptoms. Micro plastic surgery hospital to choose a professional such as facial lifting surface carving embedding operation, which belongs to the micro plastic surgery, so if you need to do this type of plastic, to find the micro plastic body to do professional, so as to ensure the operation safety. For example, you choose a flagship Korean cosmetic hospital, spiral bolt face lifts the embedding vulture, the effect is hard to say, because it is not his forte. Micro plastic surgery experts choose professional experts say many people don’t know how to choose, then tell you to look at this expert graduated from the school, Department of general surgery and ophthalmology is not for you to do facial lifting screw, only the maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery, Department of Stomatology, a professor, and to feel in contact with experts in the expert professional degree and personality charm. Only by choosing the right experts, the operation will be more than half the success of oh! Lu Binglun, MD, professor. The Department of plastic surgery in Xi’an Changan hospital director, Xi’an Lu Binglun Oscar orthopaedic centre Dean appointment interview: lu99772 WeChat. Micro-blog search: human body decoration professor Lu Binglun graduated from The Fourth Military Medical University, former director of plastic surgery, Xijing Hospital, craniofacial treatment center. Is China’s famous plastic surgery experts, mainly to complete the first case of China allotranspantation, and won the first prize of army medical achievements. Malar and mandibular angle surgery to change the face of quantity and quality in the country, and the practice of mandibular angle osteotomy long curve is proposed for the first time, perfect change long face, wide chin, and was widely used; improved comprehensive rhinoplasty method, correction of nasal deformity after cleft lip and so on. The China rehabilitation medicine surgery Specialized Committee member and craniofacial sub professional vice chairman of the Chinese Medical Association of plastic surgery division.相关的主题文章: