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"Restaurant" exposure posters of Jiao Junyan handsome appearance rooftop restaurant – Sohu – Sohu Jiao Junyan entertainment actress stills poster entertainment news by close pictures, CO produced the young female inspirational topic drama "problem is Shanghai hot shot in the restaurant". The play tells the story of six different personalities, because of all kinds of discrimination and injustice of the patriarchal society and injured women, consisting of "hot blooded women story enemies alliance" together to create a dream restaurant. Following the exposure from the current popularity is booming after starring Jiao Junyan, the film side also announced today Jiao Junyan and five other women in character posters. The young actor Li Kaixin, Lv Xia, Liu Jiehan, Li Mozhi and Jiao Zhonghui have photographed the interpretation of a different character, around the "women’s issues" and "female" story prelude. There are the important scenes "together with the exposure of female actors of the rooftop restaurant, fine decoration quality drama show. Featuring Jiao Junyan blood manager "women enemies alliance" first gathered in the poster exposure of the female characters today, Jiao Junyan wearing a Baseball Jacket with white gloves standing beside the old windmill, is busy for the rooftop restaurant decoration. Jiao Junyan in the recent hit "forensic" Qin Ming due to good acting and other fresh concern, this time in the "problem" in the restaurant she will play the rest of the five girls to lead our life changing blood manager Tang Yu. Even the little hands clean weeds freeze, becomes Jiao Junyan’s handsome temperament. As the spiritual leader of the rest of the characters in the play, the exposure of the poster Jiao Junyan busy outside a little more sense of firmness, it is particularly looking forward to this role. The "problem" restaurant chef Yuan Qianjia character, the social network of popular beauty, costume fantasy drama hit "Qingyun Zhi", the theme song of the same name of the singer Li Kaixin. With comic books, hats and masks all armed two dimensional screen full of temperament, but looking at the camera Li Kaixin convey a No time is allowed for explanation. deterrence. Monet and Lv Xia as the black dress with gorgeous coat, show female charm at the same time also seems to indicate that the outgoing social character, the poster "drink with the mysterious female" location also makes people fall into a reverie. On the other hand, played by Liu Jiehan Xu Jing, the son of desperate housewives with "ocean" photographed together, the family suffered macho women suffering to regain confidence and recapture the child, will be the most attractive person winning points. And Li Mozhi’s resignation from male clerk Chen Siyu, self recover and cowardly vase counter attack, is also looking forward to. In addition, played by Jiao Zhonghui, Pan Yanan also appeared in the poster, upturned tail hair with glasses show this low EQ Curve Wrecker female role stubborn image. "Women qiuzhe alliance" gathering "is undoubtedly another big attraction in the restaurant" problem of social problems focus on women. Those with a "girl", "single mother", "vase" label of women suffer from family and social setbacks after joining SoLaSo hand in hand rooftop restaurant, composed of blood alliance against social injustice, the collective growth and redemption in the process. The vulnerable groups eventually overcome the strong.相关的主题文章: