Poll the majority of Japanese against the new network to rush to the rescue escort missions – self-d-roxane hayward

Poll: most Japanese opposed the SDF – Beijing escort mission to Beijing in November 23, according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s Asahi news agency, a poll showed that about to send to South Sultan to participate in UN peacekeeping operations (PKO) of the GSDF troops, "based on the given security association the task of the new" law "to the rescue guard (police dispatched) about 56% of the respondents who oppose" attitude, more than 28% said "yes". According to reports, the poll on the 19 day of this month, the implementation of 20, in the form of telephone. The question about the rush to the rescue guard ", first explores Japanese people understanding of the new task. Including "very" and "to a certain extent," the answer to "understanding" of the respondents accounted for 38%, while the "not too" and "no", the answer to "do not understand," the proportion reached 61%. Then, according to the survey "to the rescue guard explained: This is a when his country’s soldiers and civilians by armed forces attack, sent to the local to participate in UN peacekeeping operations of the SDF, can carry weapons to the rescue mission. When asked whether they were in favour of the task, 49% of Japanese respondents said "no", and more than 37% showed "favor". Then, on November the security regime had to send times to South Sultan to rush to the rescue guard task force a thing to ask. Apart from the gap between the 56% "no" and 28% "for" further widening, in Andouble’s cabinet support group also appeared in the "yes" and "no" opinions accounted for 43% accounted for 44% of the phenomenon, whether the two be roughly the same.相关的主题文章: