People’s cooperation with ALI cloud launched the first artificial intelligence technology talk show vidown in collaboration with ALI cloud launched the first artificial intelligence technology talk show – the media – August 15, 2016, Research Institute and research center of science and technology cooperation aliyun launched special "DT" technology review, the topic aliyun artificial intelligence robot "ET" automatic editing, reading is interesting attempt to better serve the human science and technology the. Firstly, ET adopts distributed crawler to collect global massive scientific news on the Internet, using text mining and semantic analysis, news keyword popularity and other features, will use the depth of the neural network classification of news, a weekly summary of hot technology events, and then by the researcher Ali cloud research center and review comments. In August 25th, the topic of artificial intelligence technology? Voice version of heavy launch, it is considered the first artificial intelligence technology talk show, using speech synthesis technology aliyun ET artificial intelligence, human learning pronunciation features through the machine, automatically put the text into speech programs. This technique is widely used in deep learning technology, text processing front-end and back-end processing of speech signal model selection, the use of a variety of deep learning model, so that the sound quality improved significantly, imitate real sound effects. According to Ali cloud Research Center Director Tian Feng, if you get a license, Ali cloud ET artificial intelligence can also through the corpus study, imitation love star, the audience, the broadcast network red entrepreneurs. Not long ago, the cloud habitat conference in Beijing, Ali cloud ET had to imitate the chairman of the board of directors and the voice of President Hu Xiaoming to chat. Compared with the traditional audio news, intelligent voice news has changed the traditional production process, the whole machine by the automatic generation, automatic broadcast, the liberation of labor and productivity. With the help of cloud computing and deep learning technology, and constantly improve the ability of artificial intelligent voice in Natural Language Processing, semantic understanding and interaction, greatly enhance the accuracy of the future, whether it is text to speech, or speech to text and machine listening speaking reading and writing will be accompanied by the development of artificial intelligence to "perception, thinking, the emotion" direction, ET artificial intelligence (intelligent voice) application in customer service, news, education, nursing, law and other industries is very broad. "DT Technology Review" artificial intelligent voice version? "DT first" artificial intelligence technology review second voice version? "DT" artificial intelligence technology review speech version? Third (commissioning editor Wang Peizhi and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: