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SEO Pay Per Click marketing or PPC for short is an advertising programme which allows advertisers to pay for click throughs to there website by creating imaginative ads to place on search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing. Pay Per Click marketing is a fast effective way to increase traffic to your website through the ads you place on search engines and also through relevant keywords. The cost per click or CPC varies depending on the advertising volume, the relevancy of your keyword, ad group and landing page, also the position you desire. Some of the benefits for PPC Marketing are mentioned below: Search engines wont charge to place or run your ad. You only pay for the users that click through on the ad. Pay per click campaigns can give small businesses a great profit. With the right campaign management a PPC campaign can drive enormous relevant and profitable traffic to your website. The research, set up and operation cycle of pay-per-click campaigns can take place in just a few hours, where as natural search engine rankings can take weeks or months to gain desired rankings. Pay Per Click campaign results are immediate meaning the day your ad is placed the clicks to your website begin. Metrics such as effectiveness of keywords, including traffic generated per keyword, also keyword conversions, and many more measurements provide users with the data to alter campaigns almost in real-time. This allows you to respond very quickly to either good or bad performing ads. Unlike a printed piece, the delay time to judging an ads effectiveness is hours not weeks and modifying an ad can be ac.plished in minutes. Pay per click is the only medium where you can target your prospective customers with such precision. Imagine saying a word such as Nike trainers then appearing at the shop. This is possible with PPC as people type in exactly what they are searching for. When people advertise on the radio, in a newspaper or on the TV how can you be sure your adverts are being shown to a relevant audience the answer is you cant. With PPC marketing you are able to target your most relevant audience with relevant keywords saving you money on people who are not searching for your service or product. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: