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Pass the countdown to send Monroe bucks San Antonio has become a potential home –   Greg Monroe – Sports Sohu; Beijing time on September 21st, from the U.S. media reports, news sources, bucks are still actively selling Monroe. The line even pointed out that Monroe could be traded before the training camp starts. And in the market, rockets, spurs, Nicks and other teams, is on show in romania. The distance NBA team training camp opened, only a few days. At this point, most of the players are preparing for the new season. However, Bucks center Andrew Monroe’s situation is different, because he was not sure he will continue to stay in Milwaukee, or will leave here, to find another way. Some of the NBA sources had said, "the last season, Monroe is averaging 15.3 points and 8.8 rebounds, only from the data, his performance is also good, but the Bucks this summer has been trying to be away." The latest news shows that the bucks off Monroe is likely to have entered the countdown. In this regard, Monroe brokers also have their own views. "NBA there are rumors, this is NBA, Monroe is a very mature and occupation player, he never asked to be traded, I expect Monroe will attend the Bucks training camp, but if things, what changes, we are going to make a deal." Now, in the market, at least 3 teams on the Luo show interest, they are rockets, spurs and Nicks. This summer, Howard left the Rockets, so that the team suddenly become empty inside. The new season, the Rockets expect Cappella a person guarding the paint, it is obviously not realistic. Therefore, looking for a potential center, has been in the team’s reinforcement plan. Monroe has a very good line of attack and is also a good rebound, he is fully capable of filling the Rockets inside the vacancy. Last season, even in the Bucks role is not stable, but he can still win 15.3 points and 8.8 rebounds. In the future, if you can join the Rockets, his potential may be further stimulated. (Poirot)相关的主题文章: