Park Geun hye to prevent the collapse of the regime or re publish the table position-3edyy

Park Geun hye to prevent "regime collapse" or statement table position – Beijing, Beijing, November 29, integrated with the South Korean media reported that the political circles initiated impeachment entered the countdown stage, park Geun hye to prevent "the collapse of the regime still". Determine the schedule after the impeachment vote in Congress, park Geun hye or will this position, explain the prosecution indictment and impeachment case suspects, and called for the impeachment of the unfair. According to reports, South Korean President Park Geun hye in 8 months after the visit this month, the public has not publicly expressed. South Korean officials said, because two of the national apology has aroused resentment, coupled with the prosecution to park Geun hye as suspects, so the president becomes very cautious. But the impeachment vote may be the fastest in the next month will be held on 2, so there is news that the Chong Wa Dae or Zhou Pu hye will be published on the national conversation. It is reported that in 27, the president presided over the meeting secretary chief Han Guangyu’s chief secretary also discussed this problem. Chong Wa Dae official said, "we are discussing, for the impeachment vote in Congress to determine the schedule after Pu Jinhui issued a position", "at that time, Pu Jinhui will be the prosecution indictment and impeachment case in the criminal suspect to explain, not the legitimacy of the call for impeachment". In 2004, President Roh Moo-hyun also vote on impeachment in his day before held a press conference to say "I don’t know what is wrong with me, because the situation is very chaotic, so I apologize, I find it difficult to accept such a request, a rejected opposition and apology. Announced positive capture. Another Chong Wa Dae official said, "Pu Jinhui firmly believes that the government must be normal operation, whether you go or stay," "if published on the national information, political and legal responsibility should be included Shunshi Cui events will be borne by themselves, for political circle force to overcome the national crisis etc.". Reported that, even in the face of impeachment crisis, Pu Jinhui is also trying to prevent the collapse of the regime". Chong Wa Dae said that whether his resignation of the Minister of justice Jin Xianxiong and the Chief Secretary of the Cui Zaiqing this week will come to the conclusion. On the other hand, the South Korean President’s lawyer Liu Rongxia said 28, "unable to cooperate with prosecutors to investigate the requirements in this month 29 days". Liu Rongxia said, "the president now need to develop programs to clean up the change fast times, as of 29 must be candidates recommended independent counsel, elected for the appointment of a schedule, so the inconvenience to cooperate with prosecutors for investigation". The prosecution on the 23 of this month by the president’s lawyer Liu Rongxia to the president of an ultimatum, the investigation in 29 days ago to accept, after waiting for a reply.相关的主题文章: