Parents and children is a child, back away the practice of

The parents of the children is a back away practice – Sohu infant school season the first day, the whole circle of friends is filled with a smell of separation anxiety. All with the children at the time of separation of child heart photos, heart cries. To see other people’s children, as if subconsciously, give me a wake up, son a year later sister also entered the kindergarten. Looking at my sleeping beside her, suddenly want to cry. The day after the mother, to my back, I want to hold the time, but also three years, and we have spent the last eighty percent. This separation of sadness, I have two times in my life. For the first time, when I was 23 years old, I was born and raised in Guilin. Soon after graduation, because of love, I chose to leave my parents and leave Guilin. The day before leaving the afternoon, I began to pack up, the father told "the way people do not easily believe that A man’s mind is unpredictable. outside," "what must tell Dad, don’t say" no money home to tell"… Also cited many examples of being cheated. As soon as possible to go to Shenzhen to see my boyfriend, I did not listen to the father’s instructions, but perfunctory response, "well, well, I know." Go out that day, my father went to send me, because my mother to see the shop, did not catch my train. At 11 in the morning, my father took me and my luggage in the waiting room. I know bestie Lixue, University, my 11 car ran to send me, in the waiting room waiting for the boring, we began chatting to my father, not to disturb us, sat behind a row of place. Speak with Lixue accidentally looked up and saw his father reluctant eyes have been looking at the quiet side, I see my father saw him, immediately withdrew the sight. Not long after, I was ready to stop ticket, dad wants to walk me to the car to buy a platform ticket, please take my baggage place, he has been in the station until the train started, he was still standing there. Because the parting father reluctant eyes, on the bus I cry xilihuala. At that time, with Zhu Ziqing’s "back" to describe my feelings, and then suitable, however, farewell, the station, do not give up. Second, when I was born, the boy doing the month. Think back to the month, it is my nightmare. Thirty days, experienced side wound infection; nipple, children do not eat milk; then the breast inflammation and fever; milk leakage, want to change three or four pajamas for one night; postpartum body empty, the night without sleep, sweat a lot, a lot of good night, can barely slightly narrow. But the boy, two hours to eat a milk, I basically are not asleep. Perhaps because of the yard, the body is empty, and early motherhood, sentimental. Mom to take care of those days, I often secretly look around and see the boy Yao, fifty years into the mother, she thought "that year, a person with three of us, is how to get past." Mother day high iron back, because the month has not been finished, so did not go to see her. When he left, mother the moment to kiss, boy, a相关的主题文章: