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Panetta said the nuclear strategy don’t need to learn Chinese: should be reserved for pre emptive rights information: in the Minot air force base, American soldiers are viewing "militia" -3 missile original title: Meifang Zhang said the nuclear strategy don’t need to learn China: should retain the preemptive rights Reference News Network September 29th foreign media reported that U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton · Carter says 27 days, The Pentagon does not intend to take "no first use of nuclear weapons" policy. According to the Agence France-Presse reported on September 27th, he was in New Mexico, a nuclear research center made the remarks. Earlier, media reports said Barack ·, President of the United States is considering amending the U.S. nuclear policy for a long time, including commitment to the first nuclear attack in the conflict will never be the first to fight in the war, President Obama. Carter said: "the provision of a nuclear umbrella to friends and allies, and thus play a role in conflict deterrence and deterrence of war, which is a long-term policy of the United states." Although some countries including China, has announced a "no first use of nuclear weapons" policy, but the United States and NATO allies still retain that a pre emptive nuclear strike right is crucial tactical choice. Carter said that the ability to take the lead in the long term is our policy, but also an integral part of our future plans". U. S. nuclear policy has become a subject of public debate after Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, ·, published a series of controversial remarks, including the use of nuclear weapons, which he did not rule out. 26, Trump and Democratic rival ·,, President of the presidential debate, the problem appears again. Trump said: "of course, I will not take the lead in the fight against. We must be well prepared. I will not rule out any possibility." 27, 2009, members of the Democratic Party proposed legislation to prohibit the president in the absence of a declaration of war on the premise of the first to launch a nuclear attack. Edward ·, one of the members of the proposed bill; Markey said: "nuclear war constitutes the most serious threat to the survival of mankind. Unfortunately, U.S. policy has increased the risk of unintended escalation of nuclear conflict due to the option to retain the lead in the use of nuclear weapons in the conflict." He said: "the president should not use nuclear weapons, unless the nuclear attack." According to the U.S. "defense news" magazine website reported on 26 September, the Secretary of defense Ashton · Carter 26 high-profile defended the importance of nuclear three-in-one modernization upgrade, said the nuclear mission is the cornerstone of our security, is the highest priority of the Department of defense". Carter made the remarks during a visit to Minot air force base, the base has the B-52 bomber and Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile -3. Nuclear three-in-one refers to the three part of the U.S. strategic posture: intercontinental ballistic missile launched from the ground, the bombers carrying nuclear weapons and airdrop of submarine launched nuclear missiles. All of these weapons have entered a period of renewal. The Pentagon estimates that in the next ten years to update three-in-one and all related needs cost $450 billion to $350 billion dollars, most of which will occur in the middle of spending ten years next, and modernization project spatio-temporal army and navy are also to pay time"相关的主题文章: