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The old driver did not notice this to avoid scraping the car parking to turn the car driving skills: if there are some small injuries, certainly make people feel bad for several days. I don’t know if you find that most of the general body of some minor injuries are imperceptibly appeared in the parking, rub the probability moving place is not high, so parked the car, the right place, can effectively reduce the damage probability of the appearance of the car. The basic principle of the car parking to want less wounded when parking, must be in accordance with the basic principles of implementation, otherwise everything is nonsense. In fact, it is very simple, that is both to consider their own convenience, but also to consider other people in and out of convenience, but also to consider the accident may occur. 1, to take control of the car and roadside parking on the roadside parking from the US, to set aside out of position for yourself. At the same time, we have to think about the car, the front and rear is not too close to the car, but also for others to set aside enough position, so that it can effectively reduce the probability of being scratched before and after. The vacated distance is large, but not enough to make another car parked, then there may be other vehicles to stop, it is prone to rub; when the space is rich, must leave enough space. 2, try to pull off the parking, avoid the middle position of the underground or indoor parking lot in general are 2-3 car are separated by a concrete barrier. In the choice of more cases, try not to stop in between two cars parked on the side. Because the intermediate spaces around the enemy, is easy to rub the high probability of selection; pull over, and leave enough space for parking vehicles to middle, likely to be scratched to a minimum. Two car closer, the door knocked out of the pits more chance. 3, don’t try to stop on the balcony or window to admit that some people’s quality is not high, love to throw things downstairs, if garbage bags, cigarette butts, lunch like hit the car, this is good luck, in the event of a flowerpot, estimates you miserable. Therefore, when there are other parking options, try not to stop in the balcony or window. Fixed parking spaces 4, don’t account for people, to avoid being designated parking spaces occupied others was designated a high risk, if no place to stop, a short time to stop, also had better leave a note or telephone, it would be much better. 5, as far as possible to stop parking parking to try to close to the body, or maybe there has not in the past half hit the steering wheel out. In addition, in the roadside parking also try to make the right wheel close to the curb, it can also reduce other vehicle rub or scrape the probability of bicycle. The above mentioned above, are summed up in the small daily parking experience, although not comprehensive, but also in general can play a certain effect, I hope that by sharing these methods, let more owners from car scratch wounds.相关的主题文章:

From 2017 onwards, Tesla super charging station to charge – Sohu Technology-tokyo hot n0476

From 2017 onwards, Tesla super charging station to charge the Sohu of science and technology in the past few years, in order to attract potential users and boost sales, Tesla have invested heavily to build super charging stations, free and open to the user use. Today, the era of free will soon be over – because Tesla’s super charging station ready to charge. 7, Tesla announced that the official website: after January 1, 2017 under the orders of the Tesla Motors, a year free of charge station 400 kilowatts in the super charging (about 1600 kilometers); more than 400 kwh, will charge a small fee. Tesla said that this part of the cost is much lower than the cost of fuel vehicles. Every year in the super charging station free charging 400 kwh means that only a Tesla P100D (NEDC mileage of 542 km) charge of electricity 3 times. This update on Tesla super charging project operation, that Tesla car owners will not be able to enjoy free super charging station convenience. As for the details of the specific charges, Tesla said it will release in the year. Tesla said that due to the different price, the price will be charged because of the time, the difference between different regions. But the super charging network is never for profit. In this statement, Tesla said that the existing owners and in January 1, 2017 before the completion of orders, and complete the delivery of Tesla owners before April 1, 2017, are not affected by this impact fee adjustment. (this article is reprinted with permission from the Lei Feng network; source: Flickr Jeff CooperCC BY the first figure 2) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章:

Solchem the first shareholder’s family members settled even suspected

Terca first shareholder substitutions suspected family members settled even hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you find each reporter Zhao Yang Xie Hongchen Zhang Huimin Ge with shareholders receded the first major shareholder solchem silent substitutions, newcomers e-trend Kerry has become the focus of the market. The investment treasure to see Kerry, express from the beginning of July, quietly eating terca shares, the actual controller, even in Minnian only 28 years old, has a stake in companies. According to public information, even Zong min and her creative Kerry may be related to the capital market even the famous family. The first major shareholder substitutions according to solchem September 21st announcement, shareholders Zhang Huimin holdings held 4 million 720 thousand and 413 shares on September 20, 2016 by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the company’s total share capital of 2.2915%, after that, Zhang Huimin will no longer hold shares of the company. Every investment treasure to see, in August 19, 2016, Zhang Huimin also holds more than 7% of the shares. In September 6, 2016 through the trading sold 2.2915%, reduction of the average price of 27 yuan, in September 12th again sold on the 2.6988% chips, the transaction price of 27 yuan, while in September 20th the trading, of which 4 million 720 thousand and 400 shares through block trading (the same transaction price is 27 yuan, the total capital ratio of 2.2915%), the rest is through auction sale way. It is worth mentioning that Zhang Huimin in September 20th through the trading out of 4 million 720 thousand and 400 shares, by another shareholder Kerry silently eat into the creative, the day after the completion of the transaction, a Kerry stake from 12.272% rose to 14.5636%, more than the shareholders of Ling Zhaoyu and concerted action Tibet Huate NEW energy investment limited holds 12.8568% of the proportion of shares, become the first major shareholder of the new term. And in the previous July, Zhang Huimin had held 7.2818% stake, is transferred to the creative Kerry, September 6th and 12 of the same transaction, then set side for a kerry. The investment treasure to see, a Kerry said that the purpose of the transaction is to become the first major shareholders of listed companies, to improve the management of listed companies through the exercise of shareholder’s rights according to law, to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of listed companies. At the same time in the appropriate time to expand new business, improve the quality of listed company’s assets, and enhance the profitability of listed companies. Then, the name does not turn the creative Kerry by shareholders, what is the background? Even the case sensitive suspected from family even after each investment Bao noted that the actual control of a Kerry called names even Zong min, born in 1988, with overseas education background. For its possible expansion in the future of the new business, perhaps from its provision of "detailed changes in Equity Report" can be seen in a clue. The report shows that even in the sensitive investment enterprises of Shenzhen City Hengsheng Yunhong Supply Chain Management Co. koron相关的主题文章:

Zhu Tingpin serves at heart too black a digging how see recruit moves – Sports Sohu-beself

Zhu Tingpin serves at heart too black a digging how see recruit moves –   sports Sohu; Beijing October 23rd, 2016 the tenth women’s Volleyball World Club Championships in Manila yesterday zhanba semi-final, Turkey – Keifer watt bank battle four innings with 1-3 lost to Issa Chiba F missed the finals. After the game, the world cup and the Olympic Games double MVP Zhu Ting, with a lot of questions to answer appropriately digging humility, even the teacher Lang Ping see recruit moves in speech style, did not forget to laugh their heart is too dark". Knocked out by Issa Chiba F missed the final, according to "lost the first occupation champion", Zhu Ting for this reason to accept the results, "in fact, strong rivals, winning or losing is very normal, before I say to yourself, try to win every ball, as a result, to see who play better. Opponents today in some aspects of the deal better than us, we should sum up." Club World Cup short defeat did not affect Zhu Ting’s self-confidence, Keifer watt bank is hoping to 2016-2017 Champions League and Turkey League again against the rival, "I believe the League to meet again, we would win, because the League allows only three foreign aid in the game, players play opponent today too much……" Zhu Tingru is a firm confidence. Although Zhu Ting won three games and scoring, the world cup and the Olympic Games has become a double MVP body, tile Keifer bank star, but still very modest to "get the Club World Championship and MVP" on this issue, "are not so perfect, good could not fall a person in my head. I think this is very good, if it is perfect, I will be uneasy." In the face of the star studded Issa Chiba F, Zhu Ting in the first three games, starting fourth main bureau to get away, wanton 23 points won the scoring, and over 42.55% success rate and score efficiency of 36.17% transcripts, evaluate their performance to play, "OK, no chain, no special." As for why will appear two times jump float directly under the net error in the third inning, Zhu Ting did not forget to smile at the heart is too dark, they want to send……". With the relevant bank Keifer watts of coach and teammates at the crucial moment suck, Zhu Ting team selection and shared responsibility to lose, "volleyball is a collective project, not into you and me better. For everyone, ups and downs is inevitable, I will have ups and downs, there is a need to make up for his teammates. In our team, we always encourage each other, the atmosphere is very good. Our coach has his ideas, his tactics, we need to slow down." For some fans through social networking platform to attack other teammates irrational speech, Zhu Ting as a member of the Keifer watt bank knows the warmth of family, "no matter what others say, I really love our team, coach and manager are to us as family, the team also very friendly. In our team, no matter what happens, you ask any one of the team, will be very enthusiastic to help you." (Feng Muyi)相关的主题文章:

Shock this one dollar commemorative coins can be exchanged for a iphone7-winfast

Shocked: this one dollar commemorative coins can be replaced by a iPhone7 Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The source of the public number: financial factory select "currency King Story Chinese 40 anniversary of the founding of the people’s Bank of commemorative coins is a country to commemorate international or national politics, history, culture and other aspects of the major events and outstanding figures, and places of historic interest and scenic beauty of rare animals and plants, sporting events and issue of legal tender, it includes ordinary commemorative coins and precious metal commemorative coins. In these commemorative coins, the people’s Bank of China was founded 40 anniversary commemorative coins have been regarded as ordinary coins in the currency king". "The 40 anniversary of the establishment of" the people’s Bank of China commemorative coins issued on December 1, 1988, with circulation of only 2 million 68 thousand pieces, the collection value has its value is hundreds of thousands of times, is the commemorative coins in the leading varieties. The commemorative coins referred to as "the people’s Bank of China", "the people’s Bank of China", "CCB"". Among them, as the loudest, most widely, the most ripe or CCB currency". So why do people call it "CCB"? At that time, after checking the information that the main reason is that the people’s Bank of China began issuing the notice in a silver [1988] No. 359 yuan, have used the word "CCB". Two in 1988, China’s banks are not as much as it is now, and the National Bank issued commemorative coins, only one example of the central bank. Third, to celebrate the 40 anniversary of the establishment of the people’s Bank of China at that time is a major event in the country, caused the attention of the party and state leaders, from the earliest and the most authoritative literature such as Deng Xiaoping inscription and other information display, "CCB" title is already very common and popular. 22 the people’s Bank of China is the Central Bank of the People’s Republic of China, the State Council under the leadership of the development and implementation of monetary policy, the implementation of the supervision and management of the financial sector macro-control. The people’s Bank of China was formed on the basis of the merger of the Bank of North China, the Bank of Beihai and the northwest peasant bank in December 1, 1948. In September 1983, the State Council decided to exercise the functions of the Central Bank of the people’s Bank of china. In March 18, 1995, the eight session of the National People’s Congress adopted the "People’s Republic of China people’s Bank of China Law", so far, the people’s Bank of China as the central bank in the form of law to be determined by the. December 1, 1988 is the 40 anniversary of the founding of the people’s Bank of China, approved by the people’s Bank of China headquarters and agreed to issue a set of commemorative coins to commemorate the country. The coins by Yu Min and Bai Wenjun, the Shanghai mint. The positive pattern by People’s Republic of China’s national emblem, and the reign of constitution; the upper edge of the casting pattern on the back "forty anniversary of the establishment of the people’s Bank China theme text, the middle top cast shape of the 3 ancient coins consisting of" people "s Bank emblem, the main pattern is the center of the people’s Bank of China China" cornucopia "shaped office building on相关的主题文章: