High pressure reactor intake process|High pressure reactor intake process

high pressure reactor intake process:

1, the gas cylinder and the reactor inlet valve connection;

2, began to carry out the three replacement gas;

3, the intake and exhaust valves, should turn the handle gently, avoid sample spills, the last time filling reaction required gas cylinders, remove the pipe;

4, the temperature switch opens, the temperature began to show, according to the temperature buttons to set the desired temperature, heating, temperature setting can not go beyond the scope of design, open speed switch, speed start display, rotation speed knob setting speed, maximum speed of 1200r/min.

China fastener must be technically breakthrough|China fastener must be technically breakthrough

China fasteners must be technically breakthrough

        also known as standard fasteners, screws and nuts to manufacture is small, indispensable to giant machinery, buildings and other parts. The fastener industry in China is still in the development of the industry, but not strong " " " fat and not strong, large " and the United States, Japan and South Korea, the Taiwan area gap, and the lack of technical services to solve from mechanical fastening solutions, digital products, design, manufacture and management, green product and manufacturing process.

as long as we can to help innovation and entrepreneurship system and policy environment through reform, can make Chinese fastener technical level and the level of added value in not too long a period of time there is a significant improvement. The fastener advanced level in the world are facing technological breakthroughs or big or small, Chinese fasteners if we can seize the opportunity, exert their own advantages, the development of internationally competitive products, it is entirely possible.

the development of China’s fastener is under increasing pressure from resources and environment, and the important way to alleviate the resource constraints is to develop green manufacturing. Fastener development, the next period will continue to move forward in the direction of brand management, and promote the development of the whole fastener project. The products, high-end products will accelerate the development of quality localization, scrap disposal of the whole process from design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use, should consider the lowest emissions, waste minimization, resource utilization rate and minimal environmental impact, so as to make the enterprise benefit and social benefit in the circulation, coordination and optimization; explore a variety of value-added services, bring value and benefits to the customers. From the provision of a single set of fasteners to provide mechanical fastening solutions, customized services, remote monitoring, service in the fastener manufacturing enterprise sales revenue will gradually increase the proportion of.

Stainless steel reaction kettle polishing|Stainless steel reaction kettle polishing

stainless steel reaction kettle inside and outside the surface (in particular, such as electrolytic polishing, mechanical polishing) with a good passivation layer, strong corrosion resistance. Stainless steel reaction kettle inside and outside surface finish is high, the adhesion of the medium is little conducive to corrosion resistance. The less the surface finish of the reaction transfer tube, the less the retention of liquid medium, which is favorable for the washing, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

stainless steel reaction vessel inner surface electrolytic polishing (electrochemical polishing): electrolytic polishing liquid stainless steel tube inner surface on the anode, polishing liquid in the flow through the low voltage and high current and electrolytic polishing treatment. At this time the inner surface of the tube at the same time to carry out two mutually contradictory process, namely the metal surface passivation layer (containing thick mucous membrane) formation and dissolution. The condition that the film is in passivation is different due to the surface microscopic raised part and the concave part. Because the surface micro convex part and the concave part are in the condition that the film is in a different form, and because the anode is dissolved, the concentration of the metal salt in the anode area is increased continuously, and a high resistance thick mucous membrane is formed on the surface. The film on the convex and concave thickness leads to different surface of the anode current density, discharge dissolving speed, achieve outstanding level of the micro parts in a short period of time, can achieve high degree of finish. Under this kind of action, the inner surface of the tube increases the content and increases the corrosion resistance of the passivation layer on the metal surface.

Hazard analysis of chemical reactor|Hazard analysis of chemical reactor

Hazard analysis of

chemical reactor

feed speed, feed ratio control or feed the wrong order,

2, pipeline leakage:

discharge, if the material in the reactor without cooling to a prescribed temperature (General requirements is below 50 DEG C) discharge, easy

3, excessive heat:

can not achieve the fast blanking pressure relief of rural fruit, it may cause the occurrence of the accident BaoZha kettle.

4, maintenance:

two, safety technology measures:
for heating control measures: reaction temperature in the material heating system below 100 DEG C,
the first steam heated to 60 DEG C in speed in order to improve the production efficiency,