Stainless steel 316 and stainless steel 316L|Stainless steel 316 and stainless steel 316L

stainless steel 316        under high temperature conditions, when the concentration of sulfuric acid below 15% and above 85%, 316 stainless steel with a wide range of uses. 316 stainless steel also has a good performance of chloride erosion, so it is usually used in the marine environment. It is best not to continuously use 316 stainless steel, but in the continuous use of 316 stainless steel outside the temperature range, the stainless steel has a good heat resistance. 316 stainless steel can not be treated with heat hardening.  

stainless steel 316L        1) cold rolledproduct appearance, good gloss, beautiful;   2) due to the addition of Mo, the corrosion resistance, especially resistance to pitting excellent performance;   3     ) excellent high temperature strength; 4) excellenthardening (weak magnetic processing)   5) non-magnetic solid solution;

Experimental characteristics of hydrogen|Experimental characteristics of hydrogen

hydrogen is the main industrial raw materials, industrial gas is the most important and special gas, is widely used in petroleum chemical industry, electronics industry, metallurgical industry, food processing, float glass, fine organic synthesis, aerospace etc.. At the same time, hydrogen is an ideal energy (two

hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, flammable and explosive gas, and fluorine, chlorine, oxygen, carbon monoxide and air mixture were in danger of explosion, the mixture of hydrogen and fluorine spontaneous explosion in low temperature and dark environment can be mixed with chlorine, the ratio of 1:1, in the light of it explosive. Hydrogen is colorless and tasteless, burning flame is transparent, so its presence is not easy to be found in many cases, to the hydrogen in the presence of ethyl methyl ethyl thiol, so that sensory awareness, and can be paid to the flame color. Hydrogen is non-toxic, the body is inert to the human body, but if the hydrogen content in the air increased, will cause hypoxia. As with all cryogenic liquids, direct contact with liquid hydrogen will cause frostbite. Hydrogen spillover and sudden evaporation area can also cause environmental hypoxia, and may form explosive mixtures with air, causing combustion explosion accident.

flammable compressed gas. Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Storage temperature should not exceed 30. Away from the fire, heat source. Keep out of direct sunlight. Should be stored separately with oxygen, compressed air, halogen (fluorine, chlorine, bromine), oxidizing agent and so on. Avoid mixed storage and transportation. Storage room lighting, ventilation and other facilities should be explosion-proof type, the switch is located in the warehouse, equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment. The use of easy to produce sparks of machinery and equipment tools. Acceptance should pay attention to the name, note the bottle inspection date, starting with advanced warehouse. When handling light light unloading, prevent the cylinder and accessories damaged.

Small catalytic reactor – Laboratory small high pressure reactor|Small catalytic reactor – Laboratory small high pressure reactor

small catalytic reactor — Laboratory small high pressure reaction kettle

design and production of a new type of laboratory small high pressure reactor using end face coupling driver, with a static seal, no leakage characteristics. Body material mainly adopts stainless steel, and 1Cr18Ni9Ti  according to the different requirements of media production of 316L stainless steel, titanium (TA2), nickel, zirconium, tantalum, Hastelloy, Teflon liner and other special materials. The stirring bearing adopts corrosion resistant stainless steel bearing, which is suitable for high speed, hydrogenation catalysis and low viscosity material stirring. The heating method is generally a dry type electric heating, and the heating of the heat conduction oil or the jacket heating can be made according to the requirement of the user. Multi function temperature control, pressure control digital display control box. GSA small high pressure reaction kettle heating control system using PID automatic temperature control instrument, temperature control is very accurate.   after adjusting the instrument, the temperature overshoot can be effectively suppressed.
The installation method of small high pressure reactor in

laboratory: the reactor is composed of a reaction vessel, a mixer and a driving system, a cooling device, a safety device, a heating furnace, etc..   1, a kettle body, a kettle cover is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel processing, the kettle body and the flange connecting thread, a kettle cover for traditional plate cover, both of which are uniformly distributed along the circumferential direction, main bolt nut fastening connection.   2, laboratory autoclave main sealing adopts A type double seal, the sealing points adopt circular arc surface and plane, curved surface and curved surface line contact seal form, rely on the contact surface of high precision and smoothness, achieve good sealing effect.   3, autoclave with barrel type silicon carbide furnace core, electric wire wear in the stove core, the end head is composed of shell side lower part penetrates through the wiring stud, rubber cable connected with the controller.   4, the kettle cover is provided with a pressure gauge, blasting film safety device, vapor liquid phase valve, temperature sensor, etc., easy to understand the reaction situation inside the kettle, adjust the proportion of the medium in the tank, and to ensure safe operation.   5, mainly by the strong magnetic coupling of a pair of inner and outer ring, the middle sleeve bearing. The agitator is driven by the servo motor through the coupling. Control the speed of the servo motor, can achieve the purpose of controlling the stirring speed.   6, the sleeve is arranged on the upper part of measuring coil, integrated mixer with the inner magnetic ring rotates, speed coil generates induction electromotive force, the potential and the stirring speed corresponding, the potential transfer to the tachometer, can show the stirring speed.   7, the magnetic coupling and the kettle cover is arranged between the cooling water jacket, when the operating temperature is higher when cooling water temperature is too high, and magnet demagnetization.   8, 1Cr18Ni9Ti bearings using stainless steel bearings or high-strength electrographite, friction loss, and long maintenance cycle   two) controller   1, the shell is made of standard Aluminum Alloy chassis, the cover can be pulled back, convenient maintenance and repair. The panel is equipped with a temperature digital display and a voltmeter.

Basic structure of high temperature and high pressure photochemical reaction kettle|Basic structure of high temperature and high pressure photochemical reaction kettle

sapphire window high pressure reactor is composed of four parts: the tank, the tank cover, the mirror and the flange cover of the mirror. The tank body and the tank cover constitute the main part of the equipment, which is the place of the medium experiment. The tank body and the tank cover are assembled with the main bolt which is evenly distributed. The opening of the tank cover is provided with a pointer type pressure gauge port and an air discharge port, and an air inlet port is provided with a liquid inlet port, a

sealing surface is very smooth, operating and maintenance should pay attention to protection, if the use of reasonable, can be used more than a thousand times. The main bolt is tightened not overexert, shall not exceed the prescribed tightening torque range of 80~120N.M; and according to the diagonal distribution principle, evenly tighten the bolt tightening in 2~3 times, in order to prevent the crowded bad sealing surface. Loading and unloading tank cover, tohandlegentlyand, sealing surface to prevent collisions, the appearance of scars. After the sealing surface damage, to re repair the polishing, the side can restore the sealing performance. Check whether the pipe fittings and fasteners loose and tight, but also need to check whether the instrument failure.

after the completion of the above work, air tightness test according to the design pressure, medium for nitrogen or other inert gas, prohibited the use of flammable and explosive gas, pressure must be graded, holding 15~30 minutes, there shall be no leakage. Repair and re test after decompression.

equipment control box should be placed in a separate set of dry, sanitary and well ventilated electrical control workshop. The cooling tank is not allowed by heating and fast cooling speed, to prevent the crack caused by thermal stress. When the temperature difference between inside and outside of the tank should be taken into account when the temperature difference between inside and outside of the tank should be taken into consideration, the heating rate should be reduced appropriately. Needle valve line seal, just gently turn the valve needle, the pressure of the close cover, that is, to achieve good sealing, prohibit the use of excessive force, so as not to damage the sealing surface.

Standard Test Method for stainless steel reactor pressure|Standard Test Method for stainless steel reactor pressure

1.1  after the installation is completed, the water pressure test, the hydraulic pressure test according to the 1.25 times the design pressure test.                      ;

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1.2 requires the assembly of the same type of the same model with the specification of the pressure gauge, the accuracy of not less than 1.5. Standard disk diameter is larger than



100mm, the measuring range is 1.5 – 2 times of the test pressure.                                      

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1.3 the use of clean water as a medium, confirm the content of chlorine ion is less than 25 mg / L, the water temperature is greater than or equal to 5° C.



1.4  filling medium, container is arranged on the top of the exhaust outlet gases inside the container must be clean.



1.5  pressure test, the pressure should be slow to rise, pay attention to observe the pressure indicator is changed, the container has no deformation, listen to the abnormal



sound, to achieve the test pressure for 30 minutes. After the leak, the pressure will be reduced to 80% of the test pressure, the pressure of a certain time



, check for all welded joints and connection parts. After passing the slowly releasing pressure, put as much as medium, the use of compressed air to the container



outside blowing clean.