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When the iPhone7 queue at the pre-sale, thousand yuan dual camera cool1 dual has been selling hi technology Sohu years Apple iP hone turned out, the mobile phone simply dragged into the era of intelligent machines, in the words of Jobs iPhone, the hardware and software in the 5 years ahead of other manufacturers. Over the past nine years, apple iPhone 7 Plus dual camera as the main selling point of release, in the mobile phone market Chinese thousand dual camera flagship cool1dual has online and offline sales. Apple has from the way ahead innovation leader, in order to follow the footsteps of the market gradually become followers? Why can Chinese mobile phone enterprises one step ahead in the hot technology grasp? Need to define hardware, innovation does not ask the source of Apple’s changes in the market a lot of comments, but let Apple lose the advantage of what is the real reason for it? In fact, the growth model of smart phones has undergone tremendous changes. Over the years, apple with lead on hardware and software, let Android intelligent mobile phone has been chasing the position, so shipments accounted for more than Android of intelligent mobile phone giant, has been driven by the parameters or the upstream chip. Today, the advantage of apple on a chip has been catch up and even surpass, all kinds of intelligent mobile phone based on the user experience on the "gap" in the rapidly shrinking, the user will no longer meet the basic feature phone, discerning taste better. Therefore, this growth model in the smart phone tends to saturation, the sharp increase in the volume of shipments narrowed today, its source of power has disappeared. So, we can see a lot of companies are doing micro innovation, which is usually based on the actual application of minimally invasive or user pain points to drive. For example, iPhone 7 Plus double photo is this type of innovation, but also can really meet the needs of users, stimulate new consumer desire. However, unlike in the past has been this innovation is a great company of the United States alone, before the launch of iPhone 7 Plus in apple, China has many manufacturers launched a high-end mobile phone dual camera, even thousands of Yuan flagship mobile phone cool1 dual, has long been the double perturbation technology on a large scale to consumers. There are many similar examples, such as fast charge, when the fall of 2016 iPhone 7 is still owed, the Android camp, a number of vendors have been fast charging as the main selling point of popularity. The technology innovation advanced directly into the practice of Volkswagen models like cool1 dual this also represents the current intelligent mobile phone market, as long as the new trend of innovation, innovation, it is possible to talent shows itself in the next round. Channel change, no one can change this natural Dushou single channel intelligent mobile phone growth model, mobile phone channel has changed dramatically. In the past drive mode, the phone’s parameters represent the user experience, performance is the last word, refused to run a point, we all recognized. After the change of the driving mode, parameters, running points have been more and more ignored by users, micro innovation or point of innovation driven mode, the user’s personal experience becomes more important, like the camera effect.相关的主题文章:

Holdings tide reproduction 6 days of the shareholders of Listed Companies in cash of 84 to 7 billion-www.84qqq.com

The reduction tide reproduction 6 days of the 84 listed companies shareholders cash 7 billion 200 million Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest 60 million Securities Times reporter Kang Yin has been in the past half year report ending more than a week, major shareholders of listed companies Holdings continue. According to Wind statistics, from September 1st to 8 (6 trading days), there have been more than 84 listed companies were major shareholders holdings, holdings of a total of 135 times, the amount of cash holdings of $7 billion 193 million. In a large number of major shareholders cash at the same time, the market does not regulate the behavior of the reduction of concern. Following the July gold Newfarmer (002548) because the controlling shareholder of the investment into the agricultural total holdings of more than 5% without timely disclosure, received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Regulation after September 8th, Tianbao shares (002220) the controlling shareholder of Dalian investment group as carrier for super proportional reduction, by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Regulatory attention. According to the disclosure, as Tianbao shares of the controlling shareholder, Dalian transportation investment group in the period from May 12th to September 1st this year, the cumulative reduction by large trading 5.19% Tianbao shares. It is worth noting that the majority of the company’s shareholders to take the bulk of the implementation of the transaction reduction. In January this year, the Commission has issued a reduction of the new requirements, the largest shareholder intends to holdings of shares through centralized auction trading, should be 15 days ahead of the pre disclosure reduction plan, and within 3 months of the reduction shall not exceed the total number of the company’s total share capital of 1%. Under the provisions of the new regulations to reduce the price of the transaction and the transfer of the contract are subject to restrictions and restrictions, but did not make provision for the reduction of large transactions. Therefore, the bulk of the transaction has become an important way to reduce shareholder holdings. In fact, since the end of the semi annual report disclosure, September so far, shareholders holdings announcement frequently appeared. There is only one day in September 8th, LIAN electronics, should flow shares, palm interested in science and technology, Jinzhou pipeline, CSG A, REFOND, Wan Lin shares a total of 11 companies released reduction announcement. Among them, the LIAN Electronics was the 5% largest shareholder of YOUNGOR group holdings of transactions, that is, a total of about $29 million 105 thousand and 400 shares, about $718 million. After the reduction of the proportion of YOUNGOR Group Holdings decreased from 13.48% to 8.48%. Statistics show that from September 1st to 8, suffered major shareholders holdings of listed companies, there are 40 shareholders of the company accumulated cash amount of over ten million yuan. Among them, there are 18 companies billions of dollars of cash to shareholders. From the point of view of the amount of cash, in September began to reduce the number of listed companies, the cash amount of up to 845 million Yuan emperor group executives. The group’s controlling shareholder and actual controller Huang Jiadi September 2nd by way of block trading cumulative holdings of shares totaling 40 million shares, representing 4.78% of total share capital, cash in the amount of 771 million yuan; in September 6th, the Queen’s group director Xu Leilei through the block trading holdings of 3 million 850 thousand shares, accounting for 0.46% of total equity, cash in the amount of 73 million 141 thousand and 400 yuan. Major shareholders holdings at the same time, the industrial capital funds continued to flow out of the market. Soochow securities research report pointed out that in 2016 to major shareholders holdings of up to 77 billion 610 million yuan on the net相关的主题文章:

Art is expected to become the main force in the luxury market-w-inds.

The main small luxury market is expected to become the art before art, jointly issued by the Italy market monitoring agency Altagamma Observatory and Bain & company’s luxury goods industry report regularly released a positive message: 2016 global luxury market revenue is expected there will be an increase of 4% to 1 trillion and 80 billion euros. The slow growth in luxury goods market, luxury brands have fought electricity supplier or in cooperation with the art of cross-border, change through the use of this mode of art consumer goods ". Luxury market into the new normal stage in 2015, China’s luxury market fell 2%, the market size fell to $113 billion. Bain partner ·, analysis, the luxury industry in 2010 to enjoy the Chinese consumption spree in 2014, is in the new normal stage of the. But she remains optimistic about China’s growing middle class. In 2016, 14 of the world’s luxury revenue is contributed by Chinese consumers, it is worth noting that the target of its purchase gradually turned to art, high-end dining and luxury cars. This year, 33% of global luxury revenue from the United States, but in the strong dollar and the impact of consumer instability, U.S. sales are expected to decline by 3%. In addition, the U.S. presidential election also has a certain impact on consumer confidence. American department stores are trying to stimulate consumption through price cuts. Luxury traditional consumer base – Europe this year, the situation is not optimistic. The report is expected in 2016 the European luxury goods consumption will decline 1%, about EUR 82 billion. Affected by the terrorist attacks, the slowdown in tourism in Germany and france. Global blue data show that in June this year, global tourist spending fell by 13%. Nice after the outbreak, as the main force of the China visitors left an area in the European digital art consumption reduced by 25%. As a result, luxury companies have begun to change the internal structure of the industry to deal with changes in the rectification. More and more fashion brands by the birth and development of online business, the acquisition of shares, investment institutions and more with capital power. Over the past 10 months, more than 20 CEO and creative director. Although in a period of instability, DArpizio expects 2020 personal luxury consumption will rise by 3% to 4% compared to 2017, in which China and the u.s.. Luxury brands seeking art cross with the luxury market weakness, luxury brands have fought electricity supplier or with the art of cross-border cooperation. The product as a work of art marketing, in the luxury industry is not uncommon. Such as the early Chanel mobile art exhibition is the luxury brand and the art of cross-border products. In 80s, when he was president of Cartire International Corporation, Alan · Dominic berain with its keen insight, foresight to modern art will become an important way to convey the aspirations of the contemporary society, which sponsored the development of modern art idea. Cartire)相关的主题文章:

On the back of the backpack makes you beautiful cheap energy themselves are afraid-步步高i606

On the back of the backpack makes you beautiful cheap energy up and are afraid of you girl lead: Hello everyone, we often sing when remember that the first school song? "I went to school, a backpack, yes, when you are most concerned about the quarter on the back is not what kind of school backpack! (Editor: @philtre) here we recommend to a few inexpensive and glamorous shoulders back, is not only a hand chop, chop small thumb can take the brand, let your strength up even their own fear! I even own strength are afraid Jump From Paper broke the wall dimension to sell adorable bags I only take Jump From Paper, the design of two-dimensional Huobian domestic and foreign brands, from Taiwan two young designers Rika Lin and Chay new Su design is completed, it is cleverly let the bag look like painted the same. Jump From Paper Jump From backpack Paper two dollars and not only bright rich colors, the capacity is large, fully loaded with books and papers in class be nothing difficult what, it is suitable for Curve Wrecker girl. Jump From Paper Jump From Paper large capacity backpack backpack two course, also have a small hand bag series, go out the necessary pose! Jump From hand bag series I thought it was just a sticker Niels Peeraer how do you think Jump From Paper is not enough girls, the following to recommend the Niels Peeraer is definitely a girl’s heart fighter. The Belgian brand bags by large eye-catching butterfly and pink cream color a girl fans vote. Niels Peeraer used to shoot promo model is real novel male film advertisements Peeraer in addition to Niels Niels Peeraer both shoulders, and various accessories are also very small, girl heart, seems to have the meaning of brand get, want to win your wallet, to win your heart of girl. Niels Peeraer and Niels Peeraer accessories chain mini bag but the drawback is that too young, in collocation clothes and use on the occasion of the limitations of a little big, so I recommend editing green or red wine, relatively low-key. The famous green Niels Peeraer Niels Peeraer Mansur Gavriel red wine Mansur Gavriel we all know, bucket bag make their home in the fashion circle make a sum of gold last year to become the biggest dark horse to win. Mansur Gavriel bucket pack Rosie Huntington-Whitele you相关的主题文章:

Chinese Nobel laureate Qian Yongjian sudden death, he used a fluorescent protein light cell-www.xunbo.cc

Chinese Nobel laureate Qian Yongjian sudden death, he used a fluorescent protein "light" like Qian Yongjian cell cycling from the famous Chinese American scientist, Comtech agency, 2008 Nobel chemistry prize winner Qian Yongjian (Roger Yonchien Tsien) died in August 24th, at the age of 64. Qian Yongjian worked in the University of California at San Diego confirmed his death on Wednesday, he died in Oregon, a bicycle lane, but the exact cause is unknown. The money is Tsien Hsueshen cousin Qian Yongjian was born in New York Zhejiang province Hangzhou Ling’an, father Qian Xueju is the father of Tsien Hsueshen’s cousin China missile. Qian Xueju graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chinese, and Tsien Hsueshen with the Boxer Indemnity payment scholarship to study in the United states. In 1944, the money Xueju wife and eldest son Qian Yongyou to settle in the United states. Three Qian Yongjian was born in New York in 1952 and grew up in New Jersey, in the city of Livingston. Perhaps from childhood, Qian Yongjian was destined to go into science. Apart from the father’s family, Qian Yongjian’s mother’s digital brothers are professors of engineering at mit. He described his choice of career, said: "I was destined to inherit the family lineage, engaged in such work." Qian Yongjian (right two) at the age of 8, according to the family favorite beautiful color, said: "I like painting since childhood, but also like the beautiful color of the color of the color of the color of the color of the color of the color of the color of the color of the color of the color of the color of the color of the color of the light.". When I was 8 years old, my parents gave me a box of chemical kits, and I mixed the different chemicals into beautiful purple." At the age of 8, he recorded a notebook of chemical experiments and is now in the Nobel Museum in sweden. When Qian Yongjian was a child, he only had to stay at home. He is interested in chemical experiments, often in the basement of the house to do chemical experiments, do a few hours. At the age of 16, he won the U.S. Westinghouse science talent award to "metal into thiocyanate" as the title of the thesis, and then entered the Harvard University scholarship awards. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and physics, Qian Yongjian won the Marshall scholarship, went to University of Cambridge training. He received his Ph. D degree in physiology in 1977 and entered the University of California at San Diego in 1989. He has been working for 27 years. President Nixon congratulated Qian Yongjian "his work won the first prize of the light of science" in 1980s, Qian Yongjian had been outstanding in the field of science. He invented a dye molecule that measures the concentration of calcium ions. Calcium ion is an important signal molecule in the body, therefore, the invention of Qian Yongjian is widely used in biological imaging technology. Rao Yi, a famous biologist and editor in chief of the intellectual, wrote: "the work of Qian Yongjian, from the beginning of 80s, has attracted attention. He is probably the world was invited to report the largest number of academic scientists, because the chemical and biological delinght in his report, the application of existing technology, there are some very interesting phenomenon…… Many people think that Qian Yongjian will be awarded the Nobel prize for many years, which can be a chemical or a physiological prize." "Qian Yongjian"相关的主题文章: