1Big data for the political and legal work to plug in the wings of science and technology – the rule |Big data for the political and legal work to plug in the wings of science and technology – the rule

Big data for political and legal work plug in the wings of science and technology – the people’s network original title: big data for the political and legal work to plug in the wings of science and technology information is important to promote social development of the important engine". The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China attaches great importance to the information construction, set up a central network and information safety leadership team, General Secretary Xi Jinping in command personally headed. In the political and legal work in the role of information technology, the same can not be underestimated. "Adhere to the scientific and technical guidance, information support, improve the modernization level of political and legal work." January 22nd, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, the central political and legal committee secretary Meng Jianzhu in the central political and legal work meeting on the request. With big data technology to prevent the advance no matter how the era of progress, security is always the first demand. Shenzhen landslide, Tianjin explosion, Shanghai trample…… A series of dangerous accidents, the occurrence of proof, to deal with the risk, prevention and control. Meeting proposed, to be good at using data tracking, data decision-making, real-time monitoring of public safety risks, dynamic perception, scientific warning, to promote the prevention and control of risk from passive to active prevention. Beijing, Zhejiang and other places have established social security assessment and early warning of large data centers, by quantization analysis of alarm, the incidence of the amount of data, the security situation accurate judgments and accurate risk early warning. , Jinan City, Shandong Province Public Security Bureau in predict crime hotspots "also have successful practices, construction of big data, Cloud Computing Center, integrated public security professional data, do real-time control criminal trajectories, pre sentenced crime hot spots such as, greatly improve the preventing and combating the crime levels. Time is short, the information is quick, the investment is little. In addition to the preventive effect of information also makes the case detective work on the hot wheels". At the end of last year, 140 police in Zhejiang city of Jinhua province participated in the city’s public security organs for the first time the application of information technology. Only 48 hours, it cracked 53 cases, arrested 21 criminals, seized illicit money and goods worth more than 13.5 yuan. Meeting requirements: the information work as the core ability to grasp, from multi-source, scattered large data found in the trend, to find the law, and strive to prevent the first." With the help of big data, the current traffic problems make people feel anxiety will be smoothly done or easily solved. After the traffic police can collect traffic data in real time, automatic control of the signal lights, people’s travel will be more smooth. For some urban and rural joint Ministry of public security blind spot, if the big data can be collected to its population flow information, analysis of the potential risks, the police will be more targeted scientific deployment. In fact, each of the work of the conference to deploy, almost all with Meng Jianzhu in recent years, in-depth field research is closely related to the grassroots. In recent years, Meng Jianzhu research footprint all over the north and south, each one carefully examines successful practices and experiences of the local law enforcement authorities, especially in the field of information technology, people who have been in contact with all know he was very knowledgeable. Political and legal organs should further change the concept, establish the Internet thinking, innovative ideas and methods of work, and constantly improve the level of modernization of political and legal work." In June last year, Meng Jianzhu stressed in Shandong research. Spring

7Shijiazhuang, Hebei, a vehicle forced into the card three men suspected of drug driving was controll|Shijiazhuang, Hebei, a vehicle forced into the card three men suspected of drug driving was controll

Hebei Shijiazhuang vehicle forcibly break card three men on suspicion of drug driving are controlled in Beijing Shijiazhuang April 13 (Li Yang Guo Junling), Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province Public Security Traffic Management Bureau 13 said, the city police in routine inspection of passing vehicles drunk driving, three men suspicion of drug driving is controlled by the police. According to the police, on the evening of 12, Shijiazhuang Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau Yu Huadong police police station at the intersection of high-speed Shijiazhuang Xinyuan routine inspection of passing vehicles drunk driving. 21 when 45 points Xu, a yellow truck Accord Coupe import to traffic, when the car is about to drive to the front of the police alcohol test blows, the car suddenly accelerated, forcibly break card, but roadblock ahead will path block die, the accord sedan, but only under the car to stop. The presence of the police quickly stepped forward to ask the driver to pull the handbrake, flameout, and get off. At the same time, the tools and tactics for verbal warning for the rapid control of the car. Just when the police are combined to control the car, the car was found on the side of the man, quietly open the door of a small gap, protruding out of a mineral water bottle to dump unknown liquid. Police rushed forward quickly take effective measures, and the three men in the car immediately went back to the station on the wheel further inquiry. After investigation, the police found a set of tools for taking drugs in the car. This as a clue, police of the car were a more thorough search, were seized from a drug bag, a number of drug tools, two knives, vehicle license plate a pair. Police in the subsequent inquiry that the car on the three men were Xinji Shijiazhuang people wandering in Shijiazhuang a day after the plan to return from Yuhua road Xinji home. Currently, three men have been transferred to the district police station for further processing. (end)

9Real Madrid superstar substitute 3 times refused to warm up discontent tantrums angered Zidane (vide|Real Madrid superstar substitute 3 times refused to warm up discontent tantrums angered Zidane (vide

Real Madrid superstar substitute 3 times refused to warm up discontent tantrums angered substitute J Luo Zidane who is the first man to 90? Passion J gorgeous Luo PK o hazard Tencent sports January 19 hearing J lo in Zinedine Zidane took office after continuous two games are not the first play of the anecdotal for J lo in the fall from grace in the eyes of the Zizou heard rumors. "Aspen" exposure in a video, J Ronaldo is not Zidane trust, the main problem is the attitude. According to practice, Zidane in the game began to publish the first list, when J Luo learned that he did not enter the first lineup, the direct wearing a training suit on the bench refused to warm up. In accordance with the practice, regardless of the starting or replacement of the players, are required before the start of a simple warm-up exercise, but J Lo is playing a temper directly on the bench. Zidane found J ROM did not participate in pre training, directly to the people of Columbia before, asked J Luo rose and his teammates to warm up. Baer after the injury to Zidane, C Ronaldo made a gesture of replacement, Zidane J Ronaldo and Hesse have requirements to warm up. He immediately went to the sidelines to simple jogging and would, J Luo Ze action dawdle. At half-time, Hesse and j Luo has been in the warm-up, Zidane from out of the locker room made Hesse replaced the bell’s decision, and j Lo that I hadn’t been changed on, once again return to the bench. Zinedine Zidane for the third time that J. Lo no warm-up, and to sit on the bench Colombians ordered don’t sit on the bench, quickly go jogging. In sixty-first minutes, J Luo get a chance to play for para easco. But play for nearly half an hour, J. Lo pass success rate of only 74%, not only failed to brush out the goals and assists, and still Qiangdian kicked in Benzema lap, leading to the French front PA injured. Although the ISCO archery as J Lo performance, but Spanish midfielder in the frontcourt to spare no effort to run, and without the ball when positive anti rob is makes Zidane prefer their important reasons. Easco due diligence and J Ronaldo lazy contrast, Columbia media bluntly, J Ronaldo has lost to isko." (Su Li)

931, all NPC and CPPCC which held each provincial poverty alleviation junlingzhuang – Sohu news|31, all NPC and CPPCC which held each provincial poverty alleviation junlingzhuang – Sohu news

31 province two full held the provincial the what poverty alleviation "junlingzhuang" – Sohu News Xinhua Beijing February 19 (by the sub Ru) with the Anhui two 17 held, the country’s 31 provinces have all been held two sessions in 2016. The local NPC and CPPCC, "poverty" has become a high-frequency words the government work report, the dispute of "military order". Crucial: Drawing "schedule" "road map" in the short sprint according to rough statistics, in 31 provinces have been held two sessions, at least 23 provinces to define the specific number of this year out of poverty "junlingzhuang". Among them, 11, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Hunan, Gansu and other provinces to set the poverty population of one million or more people. For example, Shaanxi 2016 poverty alleviation set "junlingzhuang", during the year to ensure that 1.3 million people out of poverty; Hubei "and strive to realize an annual 147 million filing riser needy people out of poverty"; Sichuan proposed 2016 "throughout the year to achieve more than 105 million poor people out of poverty, more than 2500 poor village exit" to the target. Many provinces not only clear the number of poverty reduction, the specific plan also listed the impoverished county "St". For example, Henan presented Lankao, Huaxian first hat this year, the province’s 100 million rural needy people out of poverty; Guangxi to ensure annual reduction in poverty population 122 million people, achieve 1000 poor village, eight out of poverty in the poverty-stricken counties "Zhaimao"; Guizhou to reduce rural poverty population of 100 million people, 8 impoverished county, 120 impoverished villages and towns Zhaimao, 2000 poverty village exit; Xinjiang is also presented full implementation of poverty "ten special action", and strive to make poor counties of 7 first uncap. Fujian, Guangxi, Gansu is set a more detailed stages of poverty alleviation schedule, Jiangxi proposed to become the country’s poverty alleviation model area". In addition, many also defined the poverty reduction goals in 13th Five-Year "period. Guizhou government work report made in the next five years the province will adhere to the "six precision", the implementation of the "five batch", to solve the problem of poverty in rural areas under the current standard 4 million 930 thousand. Hebei proposed to ensure that the current standard of rural poverty in 2020 to achieve poverty. Gansu pointed out that "45" two years ago for 100 million people out of poverty each year more than three years after the grasp strengthen and sprint the mop up work, realize the stable population in poverty in the rural areas do not have to worry about food, do not worry about clothes, compulsory education, basic medical care and housing security is guaranteed. Precision: Bedouin due to implementation strategy to help to help to the root "junlingzhuang" is not enough, poverty reduction depends on the specific ways. Last year through the eighteenth session of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the formulation of national economic and social development the thirteenth five-year planning proposal ", the implementation of precision poverty, precise out of poverty, because due to the application of strategy, improve effectiveness of poverty reduction. In the provincial government work report this year, the precise poverty into high-frequency words. Precision poverty how accurate is the focus. Clear in the report of the provinces, and actively use of local resources, local conditions to guide the local development of poor electricity suppliers, tourism, ecology and other industries to get rid of poverty. Hebei real.

3A family of three to buy new houses only 200 thousand deposit millions of financial products, financ|A family of three to buy new houses only 200 thousand deposit millions of financial products, financ

sunshine voices of all media reporter Liang Xing correspondent Wang Qian

this review: Bank of China, Changsha Fu Yuan Road Branch Manager Yang Bin

[case synopsis]

Hu now living with their parents, there is no mortgage car loan pressure, taking into account the children grow up in the future, he decided to buy a suite. However, the first payment of 300 thousand yuan to allow only 200 thousand yuan deposit Hu made a worry. After analysis, the Bank of China Financial Planner Yang Bin believes that Mr. Hu’s financial situation is good, but it is necessary to make a reminder of Mr. Hu’s investment approach.

[property status]

Hu, 26 years old, is currently working with his wife in a business unit. Two people a month with a total income of about 8000 yuan, has been a seven month old baby. Now Mr Hu and his parents live in a family of three, so there is no pressure on the mortgage, Mr. Hu also has a private car, there is no car loan.

husband and wife each year the total income is about 100 thousand yuan, spending about 50 thousand yuan, including the daughter and mother of insurance (Fang Xinbao) fee of 14000 yuan per year, the daughter of the education fund 7000 yuan per year. At present, the couple has 200 thousand yuan savings of two yuan, of which 100 thousand yuan to buy a bank financial products, another 100 thousand yuan to invest in their own relatives and factories, 10% of the interest of a year.

Mr. Hu said, at present already settle on a house, about 140 square meters, down 30% to 300 thousand yuan. How can I get enough down payment as soon as possible?

[financial advice]

to reduce unnecessary expenses

for Mr. Hu’s case, financial planner Yang Bin said, Mr. Hu’s financial situation is good. But Yang Bin euphemism pointed out that Mr. Hu in the case of living with their parents, there is no mortgage car loan, there are still 4000 yuan per month spending, a little high. She suggested that Mr. Hu can be appropriate to reduce the number of unnecessary expenses, even under the condition of maintaining the balance of 4000 yuan per month, a year can also balance of nearly 5 million yuan, to parents, friends and relatives to borrow money turnover, gather together together 30 million yuan down payment should be no problem.

pay attention to risk control

but Yang Bin suggested that 100 thousand yuan investment to relatives and factories, but also should pay attention to risk control. Yang said, like Mr. Hu such investment are similar to the small personal loans, investment of 10 million yuan, 10% annual interest, made a profit of 1 million yuan, compared to the bank financial products generally around 5% return, many people will choose the former. But high yield with high risk, Yang advised people to do small personal loans, attention should be paid to the prevention and control of risk, funding strand breaks occur if the project investment, will inevitably bring their own losses, even the principal is not guaranteed.

select the long-term financial products