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The scourge of osteoporosis can cause bone sedentary women to lose weight crisp data show that the world every 3 seconds have osteoporotic fracture, the sum of female life of osteoporotic fracture incidence was higher than that of heart disease, stroke and breast cancer, every 3 people have 1 people suffering from osteoporosis threat. October 20th is the world Osteoporosis Day, this year’s theme is concerned about osteoporosis, healthy life". "Bone crisp" caused 1 million 500 thousand people fracture, fracture of elderly disability and death cause in China currently has nearly one hundred million middle-aged women and 65 million older women, a survey shows that women over the age of 60 osteoporosis rate as high as 40%, and with the increasing of age ratio is also rising. Data show that in 69 million osteoporosis patients, the majority of middle-aged women, the number of more than 50 million. The doctor pointed out that statistics show that China’s annual incidence of osteoporotic fractures reached 1 million 500 thousand people, including about 700000 fracture; hip fractures occurred about 300000 times; about 200000 wrist fractures occurred; other fractures also have about 300000 times. However, in our country, the diagnosis rate of osteoporosis patients is less than 20%; only about 10% of the elderly patients with brittle fractures actually received treatment of osteoporosis. Experts pointed out that the human bone is lost in the soundless and stirless people in 30-35 years old, began to bone mass loss; 36-49 years of age, bone mass decreased slowly; to 50-69 years of age, bone mass decreased; 70 people over the age of bone mass continued to decrease. With the reduction of bone mass, bone is easy to loose, and then appear osteoporosis, lead to osteoporosis fracture. Osteoporotic fracture due to serious harm, the elderly significantly increased mortality and morbidity; risk of osteoporotic fracture within 1 years after the female male mortality was 31%, mortality rate was 17%, 50 years of age or older women because of hip fractures and mortality rate of breast cancer mortality rate of the same. After osteoporotic fracture, 59% of male patients will lose the ability to walk. Middle aged women into osteoporosis "hardest hit", weight loss diet sedentary also can cause bone fragility, the incidence of osteoporosis and gender, age, race, region, eating habits and other factors. In general, women over 35 years of age, men over the age of 40, bone mass began to decline, women in postmenopausal bone loss is much higher than men, the incidence of women is much higher than men. With the increase of age, the loss of energy will be faster and faster, so the incidence will increase with age. This is because estrogen stimulates osteoblasts to produce bone matrix. If the level of estrogen decreased, the activity of osteoblasts and bone formation were decreased. Postmenopausal women, such as hyperthyroidism, appear earlier and heavier. Click to join the Guangdong health official group (187945286) more exciting, more benefits, and sent you oh ~ experts pointed out that the incidence of osteoporosis in correlation with age, and unhealthy diet and lifestyle are inseparable. Vitamin C deficiency, chronic protein deficiency can reduce the synthesis of bone matrix, easy to shape相关的主题文章: