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Oral: ex boyfriend was cheating for me since I was a quiet girl. Junior high school, our class went to the wild mountain spring. That day, I had a good time. Down the mountain, the two boys playing in my side slapstick, accidentally knocked me down. I rolled down the hill and hit a big rock. The pain of the body. A look at home, a bloodstained underwear. My heart felt a little uneasy. High school students’ physical health, know the existence of hymen, that I didn’t know the pure things have all gone. The spring outing event think of junior high school, I want to cry. University 4 years, I did not dare to make a boyfriend, because I think a girl is not a virgin is not qualified to fall in love. After work, I met Zi Jie, who was handsome and looked like Hu Bing. Who can resist the light of such a man. Not a few rounds, I became his captive. I told Zi Jie about that before the passion. Zi Jie gave me a big hug and said, "I love you, not the film!" I was moved to tears. Soon, I was living with Zi Jie. At that time, we are beginning to work, life is very poor. Every day, I do a good meal, let Zi Jie eat first, he ate me to eat; every month’s money, I try to buy things for him, and himself, always wearing a few dollars t-shirt. When he was working overtime, I will make a meal and walk a few stops for him; the weather is very hot in summer, but we can’t afford to buy a fan, so I did not sleep all night, lying on his side fan him; in winter, I put the warm blanket, just let him sleep. Zi Jie often moved to hold me, said he was a thousand years before I met. I thought this would be a lifetime. I live with Zi Jie in the third year, Jie Jie has become the head of the Department, we bought a house to buy a house to get married. But slowly, I found the son of a little absent-minded, sometimes the phone will go to the bathroom. One day, I found a text message in the cell phone: dear, just separated, I miss you. Your plum. I pretended to be calm and asked him, I thought he would lie to me, I did not expect him to be very frank, said Mei is a lovely girl, is his colleague. A little to worship him, and he has a crush on her. My heart seems to be cut open by a knife. But I still say: "I do not force you. I give you time. You want to, I still want her." I think, with my son Jie good, he will choose me. I did not expect that one day, he came back, painfully told me that he chose the plum. Zi Jie said: "you and I are not the first time, and will not care. And how do I know you’re telling the truth? But Mei, she is really the first time, I can not abandon her.!" Look at Zi Jie exposed cherish and love, my heart blood gurgle out. Soon Jie Jie and Mei married. On one occasion, I saw them in the supermarket, Mei happily with a big belly. I’m downhearted, put all the energy into work. Late that night, my cell phone rang相关的主题文章: