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Blogging-Rss With more people opting for blogging platforms and taking up virtual pen and paper through these, the popularity and the variety of these blog sites have increased over the years. There are the more popular and established ones and then there are the relatively new ones with most imaginative features that too can be ranked among best blog sites. All of them have their unique features and offer different services. Some are more user-friendly and simple but more suited to casual writing. Some offer more advanced services and are a little .plicated but look more professional. If you want to start a blog and need some help with how to write a blog, first browse through the many platforms and choose the one you think will do justice to your writing. If this is your first stint in blogging, stick to simple blog sites with not too many technicalities. The advanced settings are not only more .plicated but also time consuming. Choose one of the popular free blog sites, subscribe to them and start writing in no time. They have few customizable features that you can grasp easily like changing the color, template, background or font of blog. The best blog sites often have tips on how to write a blog and how to use its services to the optimum so that you get the best out of them. You have to remember however that you will not gain popularity in a day. You have to be consistent with your writing, update it often and back it up with images if and when possible. This will earn you regular readers. Pay some attention to the title because it should be a reflection of your posts and should be creative and catchy. Once you get a hang of how to write a blog and have established yourself as a regular blogger with many readers, you can now give a makeover to your blog, make it reader friendly and give it a professional look. Resort to best blog sites that have more customizable options and advanced settings. It is worth investing your time at this stage because you know blogging is your passion and you want to continue with it. If you are adding more and more blogs each day, you should archive your posts and categorize it so that your readers can easily find them. You should also have easy search options and include images and videos if possible. If your blog for example reviews different gadgets, it is a great idea to upload a video about the gadget, how it works and the disadvantages if any. Some of the best blog sites also allow self hosting and you can buy your domain name by investing some money. The primary principle on how to write a blog is to reach as many readers as possible and owning a blog name really takes you a step forward. A lot of information and reviews on blog sites are available online. Write away to success and glory. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: