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Online selling high imitation electric driver license plate hang fake card will be the new network in Jiangxi – China detained car Nanchang News Network (reporter Cai Yinghui) with the Nanchang electric car brand has become increasingly popular, online began selling fake electric business license plate. In September 18th, reporters found that many people covet convenient to buy fake license plate hanging, but I do not know, it seems difficult to distinguish between true and false number, you can identify the traffic police in the eyes of true and false. The traffic police seized a number of fake hanging plate of the vehicle, the owner punished. According to the reader to reflect the clues, the reporter found a well-known online shopping platform. Search false license plate transaction information, found that there are more than and 90 businesses in the sale of electric license plate. Most of these businesses in Guangdong, as well as the seller’s information directly written on the wording of custom electric license plate…… Online sale of high imitation electric license plate in the sale of an electric license plate on the shop’s promotional page reads custom personalized electric license plate, send screws, please consult customer service, etc.. In another shop, the business can be customized to make any domestic provinces and regions of the license plate. In the samples of the license plate on the picture impressively write "factory direct sales, the national package." On the other side of the sample license plate on both sides of the picture, the national custom, fake a compensable ten". "We make the license plate of raw materials and the true license plate is the same, belonging to the ‘high imitation’. You know when you use it." Shop customer service staff said. Nanchang electric license plate recently sold it?" For the reporter’s question, the customer service staff is very enthusiastic, said: sell well, you see sales know!" Customer service, such as electric car license plate does not worry about sales, and all packages. "Well, some traffic police should be no problem." Reporters view a number of online shopping information, and some shops so-called high imitation electric license plate turnover reached more than 1697 times, there are more than claiming to be buyers of goods in Nanchang comments. Reporters with the sale of fake license plate shop customer service exchange, the other are very cautious, unwilling to disclose more information. One of the customer service staff suggested reporters, if used in the local Nanchang, the best in accordance with the "common" and "exceed the standard" two types to choose to buy electric car license, if the vehicle speed of more than 50 yards, the store can buy a customized Nanchang electric vehicle license plate number exceed the standard. In the street, if not illegal, the police generally do not matter, once found the problem, you can say that the driving license forgot to bring." The customer service told reporters this weapon". Hang fake card will be the deduction of fines these online selling fake cards really as the seller said it is the real thing? East Lake Traffic Police Brigade relevant person in charge told reporters that some of the confiscated electric bicycle fake card". He told reporters: fake card is actually a good distinction, we can see at a glance." "Fake temporary card ‘Nanchang’ two words will be more than the actual number of temporary cards, fonts will be more than the real card." The person in charge told reporters some tell plate tricks: "whether it is temporary or permanent card card, there will be a clear security. It is engraved with the seal card, otherwise it is false.相关的主题文章: