One hundred thousand why why is the male of the harem mostly

One hundred thousand why: why is the male of the harem mostly small? Aloha, your little partner old driver ~ to the current "one hundred thousand why" column time! In this issue of the program, the mother will continue to raise some questions about ACG, give the brain hole open answer! If the end of the show and what you want to discuss the topic, please do not hesitate to put forward in this forum, the penguin Niang may be in the future in the column to give answers yo ~Q222. why male harem works most Petite? The source of doubt: all kinds of animation works obscure harem index: the analysis assumes: speak the truth, although energy-saving work has always been criticized for "YY" tend to be too heavy "view is not correct," waste of resources ", it must be admitted that these works of hit probability is quite high, this point in recent years the light changed sharply after the emergence of animation to become more apparent. A major feature of harem males to work is often only a true · male, and the drama is numerous exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful properties vary adorable. I do not know if you noticed such a phenomenon, that is the hero of the harem works are relatively thin body! What is the reason? That answer: Penguin mother always adhere to the facts speak, so let’s first lists a set of data: a good 168cm, when Ma 167CM, 165cm Tung liangmu calendar, Yuki pear bucket 164cm…… Can be seen from the data, the male energy-saving work in many have height less than seven meters, due to the Japanese young people because of better nutrition of average height showed a rising trend, this should be seven meters in height is too low. At the same time according to the picture we can see that the protagonist’s body is in favor of a few examples cited above are slender, may be only a when Ma was "slightly muscle" (but not the only slightly uplift, and other lines only) are thin enough. In fact, earlier Penguin mother and Ji friends to discuss this problem, those crazy, right, the conclusion is given "fag hag Petite some relatively easy for the general reader into a sense, if too tall handsome words is not real". But the penguin is not satisfied with the answer! In the analysis of a number of works and some reference to the harem classic masterpiece, Penguin mother reached such a conclusion: the actor is small, in order to facilitate the future mother of"! To give a hint of the penguin mother is the girl falls in love with her sister, such as a textbook Level harem works. We all know the story of the hero Miyako Rumizuho while opening the harem, but most of the time is to show people the image of women and female hormones explosion looks adorable strong woman. "Girl" is the original love sister is a gentleman PC game, adapted into animation after rave reviews, but also reveal the future direction of development of the harem works: Yes, the actor should not only all girl Raiders is to state, eventually become their adorable sister, become beautiful in full bloom in the flower palace a, let every corner of the rose fragrant garden spread over…… Here we should understand, why after相关的主题文章: