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On the way in case the injured ambulance call whether the controversial ambulance visits received immediate treatment patients, was on his way to the scene of a car accident victim stopped for help, at this time whether to pick up originally picked up the patient, or an emergency to save the wounded accident? In August this year, Renshou People’s Hospital ambulance encountered such a problem. According to the survey of the county health department, the Renshou People’s Hospital ambulance visits renshoucounty Wen Gong Zhen was the scene of a car accident on the way, the victim stopped, the ambulance stop start emergency treatment, and shall report to the 120 command center, the command center to send a rescue team to the scene of the accident to have Wen gong. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters in an online inquiry found that the accident occurred in the case of an ambulance to rescue the accident occurred in the country. According to China’s "first aid management measures" provisions of the emergency center (station) and emergency network hospitals should be in accordance with the nearby, urgent, meet the professional needs, taking into account the wishes of the patient principle, will be transported to the medical institutions for treatment of patients. However, when the relevant provisions of emergency situations and how to deal with the reporter did not find the ambulance call in Chengdu, a city hospital emergency department director told reporters that the ambulance on his way home, met another rescue, is the implementation of the original rescue plan or to stop the on-site rescue, there really is no clear requirements and regulations. Chengdu City Second People’s hospital emergency department medical staff, under normal circumstances, the car rescue agreed with each other, out of the vehicle and the medical staff must arrive at the designated spot rescue, can not replace the place midway. But in the halfway people were injured, it should be judged according to the situation, "is a continuation of the original rescue plan, and notify the command center to deploy ambulances to the scene, the other is the first stop to rescue, and report to the 120 command center, the deployment of additional ambulances to the scene." But the reality is that it is difficult to determine which side is more urgent, in this case, the victim encountered on the way you can see, from the humanitarian point of view, should be treated immediately." Chengdu Fifth People’s hospital emergency department director, said, rarely encountered such a thing, really encountered, can only be flexible." Chengdu Daily reporter Lu at the loading… Today because of a dispute quick assessment: hospital refused to man visits medical illness where? Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand reading相关的主题文章: