On the night of the day, Cui Jian played rock and roll-tsumori chisato

At times, Cui Jian Cui Jian, to quell the noise rock. This is the true meaning of the return to work, to "roll thirty" concert only vocalist. After Cui Jian had appeared too, as a friend to join, but only guests. This time, the night of September 30th, he is the most attractive eye-catching characters. "It’s not the workers’ Stadium, the workers’ Stadium," Cui Jian said. Workers Stadium and Workers Stadium, there is a separate Road, but in these two venues concert, is completely different concept, the former can accommodate 15 thousand people, while the latter is a group of 80 thousand. The 80 thousand place filled with few full Chinese entertainment stars. Across the radio waves, as if you can feel the excitement of Cui Jian, in the upcoming national day before the night, Cui Jian sing again. Back in 1986, Beijing Workers Stadium 100 star concert is held, originally intended to suit the stage of Cui Jian, one minute before the clinical stage, from rock producer Wang Di on her father, off the coat, trouser legs high on the stage, the farmers did not let the audience surprised how long dress with, "I was asking" singing, the whole stadium audience pan fried, then pan fried, Cui Jian in the China. From 1986 to 2016, for thirty years, Cui Jian from a song fame, to tour the world, then the rumors were blocked, he is worthy of the name creation superstar, but lost the sense of the star become a commercial opportunity. Before 2000, and even spread rumors of Cui Jian’s life distress. The fate of Cui Jian, become the fate of the China refraction rock, rock three silence at the peak moment quickly after the brilliant, "miserable" has become the external evaluation of their. What about Cui Jian, who was called "the godfather of rock and roll"? Cui Jian in the variety show, had expressed the "godfather of rock," the title of disgust, said he would rather be a rock father, or even rock grandson, also do not want to be called the godfather of rock". When the "rock grandson", this is how down to earth. Once Cui Jian is not down to earth, he is one of the representative figures of 80s the idealism of last century, he was admired and respected, when his finger to the direction of the sea, the sea there will be countless people crazy. He was wearing the iconic uniform, wearing a hat, mouth humming "rifle and millet", "cannon bomber" and "Snow Mountain and grassland"…… In the gradual memory of the revolution and the rise of the "money first" concept, Cui Jian was the public as a natural contradiction between the material and the ideal of harmony. Even if Cui Jian in the "X" in singing "I got so much, more money, more money, earn more money if things have changed," the audience is not willing to go down Cui Jian, in their view, as long as Cui Jian at the altar to stay one more day and their sense of hope will be preserved. Times are changing, and Cui Jian has changed. In the numerous people to participate in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala is recorded when the glory of the year before the Spring Festival Gala to please Cui Jian came to the news made people support Cui Jian raise a Babel of criticism of, on the evening, some people criticized Cui Jian should not accept the Spring Festival Gala thrown to the.相关的主题文章: